Safer, Greener & Cleaner Places Cabinet Member – Minutes – 5 December 2017

17 (17) ISO14001 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT REVIEW – The Director: Operations submitted a report updating the Cabinet Member on the outcomes of the most recent review of the council’s ISO14001 Standard arrangements, and seeking approval of an action plan following the review.

The ISO14001 Standard measured the council’s environmental impacts and helped measure what was used and what was wasted.  The main idea of the Standard was to reduce, reuse and recycle to provide sustainable, value for money services.

The council continued to meet the required standard and were recently recertified under the new ISO14001 2015 Standard.  The standard supported the council’s supported the council’s ambitions to reduce environmental standing and achieve real cost savings.  The council was audited twice a year against the standard.

To maintain the Standard an annual Management Review was undertaken.

The report gave details of audits undertaken and areas that had been investigated by external auditors in the past year.

Resolved – That audits and action plan be approved.

18 (18) WINTER SERVICE REVIEW – The Director: Operations submitted a report updating the Cabinet Member on the review of the Winter Service Policy prior to the beginning of the winter season 2017/18, and seeking approval for the policy for 2017/18 and its publication on the council website.

The council had in place a Winter Service Policy in order to respond efficiently and effectively to winter weather.  Recent severe winters had meant greater investment in equipment to deal with heavy snow and very low temperatures.  The policy was updated each year to improve the service and keep the roads as safe as possible for all road users. 

The council undertook an annual review of the Winter Service Policy.  This was put in place following severe winter of 2010/11.  The aim was to ensure that the council’s Winter Service arrangements remained fit for purpose prior to the onset of the winter period, applying lessons learned from the previous year’s operations.  The findings were then reported to the Cabinet Member.

Resolved – That the Winter Service Policy for 2017/18 be approved and published on the council’s website.

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