Adults, Health and Community Wellbeing

a) The functions and areas of policy and decision making responsibility are:

  • To undertake the responsibilities of the Leader in his absence and deputise for the Leader as required
  • To be the vice -chair of Cabinet
  • Strategic lead Health and Social care integration
  • Adult Social Care (as defined in the Care Act, Mental Health Act and Mental Capacity Act)
  • Social Work Professional Standards (Adults) and Adult Safeguarding
  • Integrated Health and Social Care Commissioning
  • Promote sufficient, high quality and sustainable care market
  • Champion Vulnerable adults across the Health and Wellbeing Board partnerships and the NHS
  • Promote the improvement in health and wellbeing outcomes across North Lincolnshire
  • Public Health Improvement, Protection and Promotion
  • Strategic Needs Assessment
  • Vulnerable Adult Engagement, Advocacy and Complaints
  • Operational Housing including Housing sufficiency to meet needs of vulnerable adults
  • Community Grants and External Funding Development
  • Community wellbeing

b) Additional specific delegated decision making powers to:

  • Approve award of community grants, in conjunction with Cabinet Member for Finance and Governance
  • Approve Statements of Purpose for North Lincolnshire Council Care Quality Commission regulated provision
  • Receive Annual reports in respect of Statutory Complaints