Adults, Health and Community Wellbeing Cabinet Member – Minutes – 6 December 2018

7 (7) APPROVAL OF COMMUNITY GRANT FUND APPLICATIONS – The Director: Adults and Community Wellbeing submitted a report considering 11 applications for financial support against the eligibility criteria of the schemes and available funds.

The Community Grant Fund supported –

•    Grants to Individuals
•    Community Revenue Grant Programme
•    Community Capital Grant Programme

Resolved – That the following amounts of Community Grant support be approved:




Amount Granted

1st Scawby Brownies £315
8th Ashby Rainbows £420
8th Ashby Brownies £630
10th Scunthorpe Scout Group (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts) £1000
Kay Traviss Youth Dance Group £570
The Kirton in Lindsey Society £500
Barnetby Community Club £500
Barrow Methodist Church £10,000
Better Barrow Community Project £10,000
Wroot Parish Council £300
West Halton & Coleby Parish Council £44,000