Business Transformation Cabinet Member – Minutes – 28 November 2018

2 (2) HUMAN RESOURCES POLICY CHANGES TO SUPPORT WORKWELL – The Director: Business Development submitted a report seeking approval for revised HR policies to achieve WorkWell objectives and support the council’s ambitions.

Due to the changing work environment which was emerging under the WorkWell vision, it had been necessary to review key HR policies which governed and guided the organisation in how it managed an increasingly agile workforce.

The purpose of the review was to ensure that key HR policies enabled employees to adopt new ways of working and enabled managers to manage their teams under WorkWell.  The key policies identified for review were:

• Agile Working
• Home Working
• Working Time
• Special Leave
• Flexitime
• Allowances and Expenses
• Digital Technologies
• Attendance Management

A series of workshops had taken place with HR and a cross-section of council managers. Trade union representatives also participated as part of the consultation process.  As a result of the discussions, draft revised policies were prepared and consulted on in a further workshop. A summary of the  changes for each policy was set out in the report.  Appendix 1 to the report included full copies of the draft policies for further reference.

Resolved – That the revised policies in support of the Workwell vision, be approved.