Finance and Governance

a) The functions and areas of policy and decision making responsibility to the extent that they are not non-executive are:

  • Financial Services, including Accounting and Budgeting, Internal Audit and Assurance and Procurement
  • Collection of council tax and NNDR
  • Administration of Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support
  • Council Planning and Performance Frameworks
  • Democratic Services, including Electoral and Mayoral Services; Member Services
  • Information Governance
  • Legal Services
  • Arrangements for Coroner’s, Local Land Charges and Registration Services
  • Organisational Health and Safety
  • Armed Forces Covenant
  • Corporate Landlord (operational buildings and facilities management)

b) Additional specific delegated decision making powers to :

  • Approve award of community grants, in conjunction with the Cabinet Member Adults, Health and Community Wellbeing
  • Be consulted by the Director: Governance and Partnerships on proposals to write off debtor accounts in excess of £5000 for any one debtor.
  • Approve the grant of Discretionary Rate Relief