Safer, Greener & Cleaner Spaces Cabinet Member – Minutes – 28 November 2018

4 (4) HEALEY ROAD PLAYING FIELD – The Director: Operations submitted a report seeking approval to draw £18,000 from the Scunthorpe Special Expenses Reserves (SSER) to be used as matched funding for works to upgrade Healey Road Playing Field into Healey Road Community Park.

The council was responsible for maintaining a number of children’s playgrounds and playing fields in Scunthorpe via the Scunthorpe Special Levy, including the Healey Road Playing Field.  The field was previously an allotment site and was poorly drained, thereby restricting its use.  To resolve this, a new drainage scheme was successfully installed in 2016 funded via an allocation from the SSER.

Local representatives had formed the Warley Road Community Group.  They had indicated that they would like the field to be upgraded and made into a Community Park, accessible for everyone to use.  A phased approach was suggested to achieve this, initially focusing on improved access, upgraded play equipment for young people and the provision of an outdoor fitness facility.

To help towards achieving the initial phase of work, it was proposed that the council bid for funding support via WREN, the administrator for the Landfill Communities Fund.  For the bid to be successful, third party contributions were required.  It was proposed to accomplish this and part fund the outdoor fitness equipment via a contribution of £18,000 from the SSER.

The funding bid would include a commitment by the Warley Road Community Group to take an active voluntary role in the day to day operation and maintenance of the Community Park.  It was proposed that the arrangement was regularly monitored for effectiveness with a view to eventually transferring the full responsibility for operating the Community Park to the group in future.

Resolved – That an allocation of £18,000 from the Scunthorpe Special Expenses Reserve, to support the further development of the Healey Road Playing Field to a Community Park, be approved.