Adults & Health Cabinet Member – Minutes – 2 October 2019

1 ADULT SOCIAL CARE STATUTORY REPRESENTATIONS AND COMPLAINTS ANNUAL REVIEW 2018-19 – The Directors: Adults and Community Wellbeing and Governance and Partnerships submitted a joint report presenting the Adult Social Care Statutory Representations and Complaints Annual Review 2018-19 in line with statutory requirements.

There was a statutory requirement to present an annual report on representations and complaints, which had been addressed under The Local Authority Social Services and National Health Service Complaints (England) Regulations 2009, Making Experiences Count.

These statutory procedures offered service users, or representatives acting on their behalf, the right to make representations about social care services for older people; people with a physical disability and people with a learning disability.

There was a requirement that councils addressed these representations through a two-stage procedure. The first stage of the process rested with the council and applied the principles of a local resolution based on “do it once, do it right”. The second stage was a referral to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman.

The report and accompanying appendix gave details on numbers of complaints received, a summary of the complaint categories and the outcome of the complaints.

The service used complaints findings to inform service development and improvement. The report provided an overview of the actions taken as a result of complaints information and demonstrates an overall positive direction of travel for complaints handling.

Resolved – That the Adult Social Care Statutory Representations and Complaints Annual Review 2018-19 be received and approved for publication on the council’s website.

2 STATEMENT OF PURPOSE – HOME FIRST RESIDENTIAL AND COMMUNITY – The Director: Adults and Community Wellbeing submitted a report informing the Cabinet Member about the changes to the reviewed statements of purpose and their subsequent submission to Care Quality Commission and seeking approval to publicise the documents on the council’s website.

The council was legally required to produce a Statement of Purpose for any registered services it provided in accordance with Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009.

The Home First services were registered to provide time limited rehabilitation and reablement therapies, and provide support within a residential centre and people’s own homes. Home First services were provided by a team of social and health care staff, who worked together to provide social care support and health therapies to achieve a person’s goals to become as independent as possible.

The services worked with individuals, and their circle of support, developing a programme to improve mobility, health needs, daily living activities and practical tasks. This developed confidence, strength and skills for individuals to carry out activities independently, supporting people to have the confidence to remain living at home.

The report set out details of what was included in the statements of purpose and whom they were available to.

Resolved – That the publication of the Statements of Purpose for the Home First services be approved.