Children, Families & Culture Cabinet Member – Minutes – 25 November 2019

7 TO AMEND THE AGE RANGE OF BAYSGARTH SCHOOL (ALTERATION OF UPPER AGE RANGE) – The Director: Learning, Skills and Culture submitted a report seeking approval to amend the age range of Baysgarth School, following the publication of a public notice on 19 September 2019.

The governing body of Baysgarth School undertook informal consultation in 2017 regarding the future viability of 6th form provision. The decision by Baysgarth governors was to continue to focus on driving up educational standards for 11-16 pupils and cease subsidy of the sixth form provision.

The decision of the governors to cease sixth form provision was consistent with the outcomes of the Greater Lincolnshire Area-wide Review of Post-16 Colleges led by the Further Education Commissioner. Learners transitioning from Baysgarth School continued to enjoy a comprehensive choice of colleges in North Lincolnshire and post-16 providers across the wider sub-region.

Consequently the school published a statement on their website giving notice of the intention to no longer recruit to the sixth form. An article on the decision to close the sixth form was published on the council’s website and in the Scunthorpe Telegraph on 11 November 2016. The school had no post 16 pupils registered on roll.

In September 2019 the Director of Learning, Skills and Culture gave approval for a public consultation to be undertaken on the proposal to change the age range of Baysgarth School. The public notice formally confirmed the council’s intention to amend the upper age range of the school from 11-18 years to 11-16 years. The public notice was published on 19 September 2019 and was open for a four week period. This gave interested parties an opportunity to express objections or concerns.

No objections or concerns had been raised by interested parties about the proposal. The next stage in the statutory process was for the council to determine whether to proceed with or withdraw the proposal.

Resolved – That option 1 set out in paragraph 4.1 of the report, to amend the age range of the school from 11-18 years to 11-16 years with effect from 31 December 2019, be approved.