Deputy Leader – Minutes – 9 June 2020

18 POST 16 STUDENT TRANSPORT POLICY – MAINSTREAM EDUCATION – The Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director: Commercial and the Head of Service – Asset and Infrastructure submitted a joint report seeking approval with regard to the council’s Post 16 Mainstream Student Transport Policy.

The council had a statutory duty to enable the attendance of people of sixth form age to education or training, but not to fund it, parents could be expected to make a contribution or cover the full cost.

Covid 19 had impacted heavily on school life and after conversations with colleges it was apparent that the next academic year would provide a different educational and transport landscape. Many education providers had needed to implement a range of on-line learning opportunities and this had led to the development of more flexible teaching. Colleges advised they did not expect to go to back to a full time 5 day week attendance in a traditional classroom setting; there would be a mix of blended learning platforms.

It was proposed to make provision for a travel grant of £405 per student per year for those who were eligible and lived more than three miles from their institution to travel between home and their college or sixth form during term time. This sought to give choice and control to students and families, enabling flexible transport options during this time of uncertainty with social distancing requirements and as yet unclear college attendance times.

Resolved – That approval be given to make provision for a £405 travel grant to all eligible students in partnership with the colleges as per the mainstream transport policy.