Deputy Leader – Minutes – 24 January 2020

8 HUMAN RESOURCES (HR) REVIEW POLICY – The Director: Business Development submitted a report seeking approval for a full review of the Council’s suite of Human Resources (HR) Policies.

The Council’s HR policies are continuously reviewed in line with statutory changes and updates to best practice but the format and style of the policies had remained unchanged.

As the Council continued to transform to a more progressive and enabling culture, the HR policies also needed to transform.

A new, more progressive approach was planned for the Council’s suite of HR policies. The key principles of the new approach were listed at paragraph 2.2 of the report.

All policies would demonstrate the principles and fall into one of two types; enabling business process and enabling business partnering/organisation. The details and differences of these were tabled in the report at paragraph 2.3.

Resolved – That the proposed changes to the style and format of HR policies be approved.