Children & Families

(a)  The functions and areas of policy and decision making responsibility to the extent that they are not non-executive are:

  • Statutory Lead Member for Children’s Services and all related responsibilities under section 19 of the Children Act 2004
  • Strategic local leadership and development of the education and children’s services sector including housing for Care leavers and homeless prevention for young people.
  • Champion across North Lincolnshire to drive for high educational standards for all children and young people, and in particular for the most disadvantaged groups
  • Children’s social care, including Adoption and Fostering
  • Promote sufficient, high quality and sustainable education and children’s social care provider market
  • Schools capital investment
  • Children’s Safeguarding
  • To promote children’s literacy
  • Strategic Lead for Public Transport
  • Education Access and Inclusion and Disability
  • School Intervention, Improvement, Learning and Professional Standards
  • Youth Justice
  • Children’s Early Help and Family Support
  • Vulnerable Children Engagement, Advocacy and Complaints
  • Social Work Professional Standards (Children)

(b)  Additional specific delegated decision making powers to:

  • Approval of the Schools and Early Years Funding Formula
  • Approval of the Local Admissions arrangements for Maintained Schools
  • Appointment of local authority governors
  • Appointment of Education Appeals panel members
  • Approval of the Statement of Purpose for Ofsted regulated provision
  • Receive the Annual Statutory Complaints report