Deputy Leader – Adults & Health Cabinet Member – Minutes – 27 October 2020

3 JOINT ARRANGEMENT OF DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC HEALTH – The Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director Commercial submitted an urgent report seeking approval for a joint arrangement with North East Lincolnshire Council for the statutory role of Director of Public Health.

The council’s Director of Public Health would formally leave the authority on 30 October 2020. North and North East Lincolnshire Councils have been working in close partnership for some time and in light of the above, have now proposed to develop a joint role of Director of Public Health (DPH) in order to enhance capacity and create a strong strategic statutory function across Northern Lincolnshire.

This role would discharge the statutory functions of a DPH on behalf of both councils, representing both authorities at a regional and national level.

The post would be titled ‘Joint Director of Public Health’ and the arrangement was permanent, unless there was a substantive change to the arrangements.

North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) would remain the ‘employer’ on behalf of NELC and North Lincolnshire Council. Should the joint arrangements between the parties be dissolved, or if circumstances substantially change in a way that made the arrangement unnecessary or unsustainable, the postholder would remain an employee of NELC. Should the current postholder choose to leave their employment at NELC then the two parties would move to a joint appointment arrangement.

An urgent decision was required so that proposed arrangements ensuring statutory and essential, critical strategic business continuity were implemented before 30 October 2020, as set out in the report.

Resolved – That the proposed joint arrangements for a Joint Director of Public Health with North East Lincolnshire Council as set out in the report of the Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director: Commercial be approved.