Leader Portfolio – Place Shaping & Connectivity

(a) The Leader is responsible for providing overall political leadership for the council in relation to the co-ordination and delivery of council policies, strategies and services.

(b) The Leader is responsible for leading the cabinet in its work to deliver the policy framework and to deliver services to the local community.

(c) The Leader will chair the Cabinet.

(d) The functions and areas of policy and decision making responsibility to the extent that they are not non-executive are:

  • Lead on financial strategy and medium term financial plan
  • Community and Place Leadership
  • Promotion of North Lincolnshire as the best place to live, work, visit and invest
  • Representation at national, regional and sub-regional level
  • Devolution and other regional growth initiatives and partnerships
  • Promotion of Diversity within the Council and North Lincolnshire
  • Ambassador for Place partnerships with business and business representatives
  • Public Sector Place and system transformation
  • Economic Growth
  • Economy Recovery Post Covid-19
  • Highways and Local Transport Plan
  • Digital Agenda
  • Strategic Lead for Broadband and Mobile Connectivity Development

(e)  Additional specific delegated decision making powers to:

  • Appoint the Deputy Leader and cabinet members
  • Determine which individual members of the Executive, committees of the Executive, officers or joint arrangements are responsible for the exercise of particular executive functions (portfolios)
  • Determine the agenda for meetings of the Executive
  • Approve the Annual Governance Statement as recommended by the Audit Committee
  • Take any decision which in his or her opinion requires to be taken during the period of the recess and falls within the delegated powers of the Cabinet but before doing so shall consult the chair and vice chairman of the relevant scrutiny panel