Appeals Committee

The appeals committee hears appeals by employees in relation to grading/re-grading, grievances, disciplinary action/dismissal and dignity at work issues.

The committee is appointed on a case by case basis from a pool of 12 (seven conservative and five labour members).

The committee usually comprises three members, two members of the Conservative Group and one member of the Labour Group.

The chairman is elected at each meeting.

Eligible councillors

  • Mashook Ali (Labour)
  • Ron Allcock (Conservative)
  • Margaret Armiger (Conservative)
  • John Briggs (Conservative)
  • Andrea Davison (Labour)
  • John England (Conservative)
  • Ralph Ogg (Conservative)
  • Neil Poole (Conservative)
  • Darryl Southern (Labour)
  • Steve Swift (Labour)
  • David Wells (Conservative)
  • Stuart Wilson (Labour)