Health and Wellbeing Board 2018 – 2019

North Lincolnshire Health and Wellbeing Board is a statutory committee of the council and the key partnership within North Lincolnshire committed to working  together to improve the health and wellbeing of the local population and reduce health inequalities.

The Management Group work alongside a wider Health and Wellbeing Partnership.  The Partnership contains representation from citizens, key agencies and organisations, and the voluntary and community sector,  The Partnership’s role is to work on complex or cross-cutting issues, to ensure stakeholders engagement, and to promote joined-up working.

The Group brings together local leaders to plan, commission and deliver services jointly for the population of North Lincolnshire.

The Board is subject to Overview and Scrutiny from the Council’s Health Scrutiny Panel and People Scrutiny Panel

The statutory functions that the Management Group are responsible for are:

  • prepare and publish a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
  • prepare and publish a Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • encourage and promote integrated working and joint commissioning across agencies
  • To approve the Better Care Fund Plan
  • To assess and publish a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment
  • To respond to consultations from Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS England.

Dates of future meetings of the Health and Wellbeing Board are listed below for the period 17 May 2018 to 22 May 2019.

Links to agendas, reports and minutes will be added when they are available.

Agendas and reports will be available five working days before the meeting and the minutes will be published after the meeting.

Friday 15 June
Friday 12 October

Members :

Councillor R Waltham MBE (Chairman), North Lincolnshire Council
Dr F Baig (Vice-Chairman)
Carol Lightburn, Chair  Healthwatch
Councillor D Rose, North Lincolnshire Council
Councillor R Hannigan, North Lincolnshire Council
Emma Latimer, Chief Officer, Clinical Commissioning Group
Penny Spring, Director Public Health, North Lincolnshire Council
Mick Gibbs, Director Children and Community Resilience
Karen Pavey, Director Adults and Community Wellbeing

If you require more information please contact Dean Gillon, Senior Democratic Services Officer on 01724 296356 or email