Licensing (Activities) Sub-Committee – 7 September 2010

Chair: To be appointed
Venue: Council Chamber, Pittwood House, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe
Time: 10am


  1. Appointment of chair.
  2. Declarations of personal or personal and prejudicial interests, and significant contact with applicants, objectors or third parties (lobbying), if any.
  3. Licensing Act 2003 – notice of hearing
    1. Application for variation of a premises licence, The Crown Inn, Church Lane, Belton
  4. Any other items which the chair decides are urgent by reason of special circumstances which must be specified.


PRESENT:  Councillors Barkworth, Ellerby and Glover.

The sub-committee met at Pittwood House, Scunthorpe.

877  CHAIR – Resolved – That Councillor Barkworth be and he was hereby appointed chair for the meeting.

Councillor Barkworth thereupon took the chair.


Member Minute Nature of Interest
Councillor Barkworth 879 Knew one of the Interested Parties


879  (7)  LICENSING ACT 2003 – APPLICATION FOR THE VARIATION OF A PREMISES LICENCE, THE CROWN INN, CHURCH LANE, BELTON – The Service Director Neighbourhood and Environment submitted a report advising members of an application to vary the premises licence at The Crown Inn, Church Lane, Belton.

Details of the application were outlined in the report, together with the variation application, the existing premises licence, an e mail from Humberside Police, a letter of objection from the council’s Environmental Health unit, sixteen letters of objection and two letters in support of the application.

There was no application to vary the procedure.

The Service Director in his report reminded the sub-committee that the options available to it under the Licensing Act 2003 when considering such applications were:

  • To modify the conditions of the licence;
  • To reject the whole or part of the application

The applicant, responsible authority and four of the interested parties addressed the sub-committee and responded to questions.

Following the summary of the case of the applicant as well as the responsible authority and interested parties, the meeting was adjourned for deliberation by members and then reconvened when the decision of the sub-committee was stated as follows: –

Resolved – The sub committee resolved the following –

1  That the application for extended hours be granted as applied for, namely Sunday to Thursday 10.30 to 12am and Friday and Saturday 10.30 to 1.30am.  Christmas Day 12pm to 2.30pm, New Years Eve 12pm to 2am the following day and New Years Day 12pm to 1.30am the following day.

2  That the application for inside entertainment be granted subject to conditions.

3  That outside entertainment take place in a marquee situated within the boundary of the premises and be limited to no more than six events per year to take place between 1 April and 31 August and be subject to conditions.  Details of the events shall be recorded and records produced to the police and licensing authority on request.

The conditions were as follows –

  1. a)  All doors and windows on the premises be closed throughout the performance of all music.
  2. b)  All live and recorded music inside the premises ends at midnight on all occasions except Christmas Eve and New Years Eve when it shall end at 1am hours.
  3. c)  All livenand recorded music in the outside marquee shall end at 11pm.
  4. d)  No karaoke shall take place outside the premises including in the marquee.
  5. e)  Boundary checks shall be carried out during the period of entertainment to ensure the volume is not excessive.

The reason for the decision generally was the application complied with the councils licensing policy and objectives.

The aforementioned conditions addressed the licensing objective of prevention of public nuisance.

The reasons they were imposed were to protect the amenities and quality of life of local residents.