Licensing (Activities) Sub-Committee – 25 September 2012

Chairman:  To be appointed

Venue:  Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe
Time:  10 am


1.  Appointment of Chairman.

2.  Declarations of personal or personal and prejudicial interests, and significant contact with applicants, objectors or third parties (lobbying), if any.

3.  Licensing Act 2003 – Notice of Hearing

(i)  Application for the variation of a premises licence at Appleby Frodingham Works Social Club, Cemetery Road, Scunthorpe, DN16 1NU

4.  Any other items which the Chairman decides are urgent by reason of special circumstances which must be specified.


PRESENT:  Councillors Eckhardt, Jawaid MBE and K Vickers.The sub-committee met at the Civic Centre, Scunthorpe.

1037  CHAIRMAN – Resolved – That Councillor K Vickers be and he is hereby appointed chairman for the meeting.

Councillor K Vickers thereupon took the chair.


1039  (17)  LICENSING ACT 2003 – APPLICATION FOR THE VARIATION OF A PREMISES LICENCE, APPLEBY FRODINGHAM WORKS SOCIAL CLUB, CEMETERY ROAD, SCUNTHORPE – The Director of Places submitted a report advising members of an application to vary a premises licence atAppleby Frodingham Works Social Club, Cemetery Road, Scunthorpe.

Details of the application were outlined in the report, together with the variation application form, existing premises licence, eleven letters of objection from nearby residents, an e-mail between the Licensing Authority and the applicant’s solicitor and a letter of objection from the Environmental Health (Commercial) service of North Lincolnshire Council.

The Director in his report reminded the sub-committee that the options available to it under the Licensing Act 2003 when considering such applications were:

  • To modify the conditions of the licence;
  • To reject the whole or part of the application

The sub-committee received a request from the Licensing Authority to vary the procedure for the hearing.  The variation was on the grounds that the Licensing Authority had confirmation in writing that all parties had agreed to a series of conditions being attached to the licence that would alleviate the concerns of the Responsible Authorities and Interested Parties.

The written confirmation was received less that 24 hours before this meeting was to be convened, therefore, the meeting still had to go ahead.

The Licensing Authority suggested that as all parties were in agreement on the conditions to be attached to the licence, the procedure could be varied as it was not necessary for the sub committee to hear representations from all parties.  The sub committee did, however, have to endorse the conditions in order that they could be attached to the licence.

Resolved – (a) That the variation to procedure be agreed, and (b) that the sub-committee endorse the conditions agreed by all parties, namely –

1.  Condition

The car park or area to the west of the building which adjoins and runs to the rear of Cemetery Road shall not be used for smoking (for the avoidance of doubt this shall include the covered area at the concern room fire exit and the area directly in front of the function room entrance.

2.  Condition

Smokers attending the concert/function rooms shall only be permitted to use the smoking shelters to the north or eastern side of the premises.

3.  Condition

The concert room fire doors shall be closed at all times, other than as a fire escape route.

4.  Condition

The concert room fire doors shall be fitted with an alarm, which shall sound if the doors are opened and a flashing light shall be displayed in the bar of the concert room.

5.  Condition

Signs shall be in place directing members, visitors and guests to the main bar entrance for access and egress to the concert room.

6.  Condition

Signs shall be displayed asking patrons to leave quietly and the DJ or a responsible person shall make an announcement requesting patrons to leave quietly at the end of each event.

7.  Condition

Noise control checks shall be conducted frequently inside, outside and at the boundary of the premises by staff/committee during events.  Where noise is likely to cause a disturbance to local residents steps to reduce the level of noise shall be taken.  A written record shall be made of all checks, including date, time, location, name of person making them and the results including any remedial action.  A minimum of six noise control checks shall be conducted when the concert/function rooms are in use.

8.  Condition

An additional SIA licensed door supervisor shall be employed from 22:00 hours to close of event to patrol outside areas when the concert/function rooms are in use or when regulated entertainment is taking place, particularly those areas close to local residents.  Action shall be taken to reduce noise levels so as to ensure a public nuisance does not occur.