Licensing (Activities) Sub-Committee – 14 April 2016

Chairman:  To be appointed
Venue:  The Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe
Time:  10 am


1.  Appointment of Chairman.

2.  Declarations of disclosable pecuniary interests, personal or personal and prejudicial interests, and significant contact with applicants, objectors or third parties (lobbying), if any.

3.  Licensing Act 2003 –Application for the review of a premises licence – Common Plantation, Leethwaite, Santon Lane, Santon.

4.  Any other items which the chairman decides are urgent by reason of special circumstances which must be specified.


PRESENT: –  Councillors Armitage, K Vickers and P Vickers

The sub-committee met at the Civic Centre, Scunthorpe.

1322  CHAIRMAN – Resolved – That Councillor K Vickers be and he is hereby appointed chairman for the meeting.

Councillor K Vickers thereupon took the chair.


No lobbying was declared.

1324   (39)    LICENSING ACT 2003 – APPLICATION FOR THE REVIEW OF A PREMISES LICENCE, COMMON PLANTATION, LEETHWAITE, SANTON LANE, SANTON The Director of Places submitted a report advising members of an application for the review of a premises licence at Common Plantation, Leethwaite, Santon Lane, Santon.

Details of the application were outlined in the report, together with the application for the review of a premises licence, the prescribed form of notice submitted by Environmental Health (Commercial), a representation received from Environmental Health (Commercial), a representation received from the council’s Trading Standards department, a representation received from the Director of Public Health, an e mail of objection from an Interested Person, a location map, additional information submitted by Environmental Health (Commercial) with the return of the counter notice and  additional information submitted by the Premises Licence Holder with the return of the counter notice.

The Director in his report reminded the sub-committee that the options available to it under the Licensing Act 2003 when considering such applications were:

  • To modify the conditions of the licence.
  • To exclude a licensable activity from the scope of the licence.
  • To suspend the licence for a period not exceeding three months.
  • To revoke the licence.

The applicant for the review, a representative from Environmental Health, (Commercial) and the Premises Licence Holder addressed the sub-committee and responded to questions.

Following the summary of the case, the meeting was adjourned for deliberation by members and then reconvened when the decision of the sub-committee was stated as follows: –

Resolved – That after carefully considering the representations made by all parties, the sub-committee unanimously agreed to modify the conditions on the licence, namely –

a)          That the number of amplified music events be restricted to only one day in any calendar year.

b)          That the terminal hour for the event be 23:00 hours.

c)          That the total cumulative noise levels from licensed activities on site shall not exceed the following levels at 1 metre from the façade of Haverholme House care home:

  • 45dB LAeq,15 minutes
  • 60dB LAmax
  • Leq,5min level in the 63Hz and 125Hz octave bands  to show no more than +3dB increase when compared with the representative Leq,5min level in the 63Hz and 125Hz octave bands measured from the same position, under the same conditions and during a comparable period with no entertainment taking place.

d)          That the premises licence holder undertake noise and safety perimeter checks on an hourly basis, which were to be recorded and made available for inspection as and when requested by any responsible authority.

This was to adhere to the public nuisance licensing objective.

These conditions would ensure that the level of noise being created from the premises would satisfactorily reduce the impact of noise on nearby residents and neighbouring properties.

e)          That the premises licence holder submit an event notification form, to the satisfaction of the council’s Event Safety Advisory Group, supported by an event management plan detailing relevant risk assessments and details of the safety and organisational arrangements in respect of the event.

f)           That the premises licence holder complies in its entirety with any recommendations from the councils Event Safety Advisory Group in relation to the event management plan submitted by the premises licence holder.

g)          That the maximum capacity at the premises be 2,750 people inclusive of all staff.

This is to adhere to the public safety licensing objective.

The conditions will reduce the potential of patrons being subjected to an unsafe environment.