Planning Sub-Committee – 2 February 2001

PRESENT: Councillor Ellis in the chair.

Councillors Fordham (vice-chair), Barkworth, Grant, Holgate, P Kirk, Long, Rocks, Wardle and Wood.

Councillors England and Regan attended the meeting under the provisions of Standing Order 40(b).

The sub-committee met at Crowle Community Centre.

382 DECLARATIONS OF PECUNIARY OR NON-PECUNIARY INTERESTS AND DECLARATIONS OF SIGNIFICANT CONTACT WITH APPLICANTS OR THIRD PARTIES – Councillors Ellis, Long and P Kirk declared a non-pecuniary interest in application 00/1515 by North Lincolnshire Council.

Councillors Grant, Holgate, Rocks, Wardle and Wood declared that they had been lobbied in respect of application 00/1369.

383 REQUESTS TO SPEAK – STANDING ORDER 38(b) – It was reported that two requests to speak had been received in accordance with Standing Order 38(b). The chair stated that the speakers would be able to address the sub-committee prior to consideration of the relevant application.

384 APPLICATIONS DEFERRED FROM PREVIOUS MEETING (minute 373 refers) – In accordance with the decisions at the last meeting, members had undertaken site visits earlier in the day. The Director of Environment and Public Protection submitted reports and updated them orally where appropriate.

(269) 00/1369 by Normanby Estate Co. for erection of a stone sculpture on land adjacent to 16 Main Street, Normanby.

Prior to consideration of this application, Councillor Regan, attending the meeting under the provisions of Standing Order 40 (b), spoke against this application. He argued that the proposed location was not suitable for the sculpture. Whilst he understood that the sub-committee could not look at purely aesthetic considerations, the sculpture would have an adverse impact on the nearby listed building. It would also be a distraction to motorists. The Normanby Village Design Statement Team had objected to the application and their views should be taken into consideration.

The Director of Environment and Public Protection reported a late additional letter of objection. In response to the objections to the application he advised members that whilst an aesthetic judgement could be made in relation to the impact on the listed building, it was not for the sub-committee to consider the status of the sculpture as a work of art. In his opinion the sculpture would not interfere with the setting of the Listed Building. The Design Statement Team was a group of volunteers from the village who were expected to canvas views within the village on a proposed Design Statement which once adopted would be one, but not the only, relevant consideration when determining applications within the village. The applicant had alleged that the Team had failed to consult within the village before objecting to the present application.

Resolved – That permission be granted in accordance with the recommendation contained in the report.

385 (270) 00/1454 by Emmerson Developments Ltd for erection of a detached house on Plot 14, School Lane, Redbourne.

Resolved – That permission be granted in accordance with the recommendation contained in the report.

386 (271) 00/1340 by Transco NTS – Process and Gas for construction of a compressor unit with associated pipework, an above ground installation to house two pig traps with associated access road and to make modifications to a security fence at Scunthorpe Compressor Station, Butterwick Road, Messingham

Prior to consideration of this application an objector and a representative of the applicants addressed the sub-committee.

The objector stated that he did not object in principle to the proposal, but was concerned at the height of the structure, which he considered would be visually intrusive, and the potential noise and emissions which could result from the development.

The applicant’s representative reminded the sub-committee that the height of the stack would have to be in accordance with HSE guidelines. One of the reasons for the application was to improve the emissions from the compressor. The proposal would also result in improved performance in respect of noise levels from the station.

Resolved – That permission be granted in accordance with the recommendation contained in the report.

387 (272) PLANNING APPLICATIONS – The Director of Environment and Public Protection submitted a report incorporating a schedule containing details of applications for determination by the sub-committee, including summaries of policy context, representations arising from consultation and publicity and assessment of the applications. Officers updated the schedule orally in respect of late representations and other significant developments since its preparation.

Resolved – That the following applications be approved in accordance with the recommendations contained in the reports.

(i) 00/1284 by Conoco Global Developments UK Ltd for construction of a gas off-take above ground installation and a high pressure gas pipeline from south of railway line, north of West Middle Mere Road to Conoco – Immingham CHP Project, South Killingholme.

(ii) 00/1372 by Rugby Cement Co. UK for variation of condition 5 of updated operating and restoration conditions dated 16 July 1993 so as to permit the use of explosives to work the mineral reserve at Middlegate Lane Quarry, Middlegate Lane, South Ferriby.

(subject to the inclusion of the other conditions attached to the existing consent)

(iii) 00/1393 by Mr G Bowering for erection of a detached three-bedroomed house and garage on Plot 8 North Street, Barrow-upon-Humber.

(The Director of Environment and Public Protection advised the sub-committee of how concerns raised by the parish council in relation to the access arrangements for the above proposal had been addressed).

(iv) 00/1503 by Mr V Bowness for erection of a bungalow with detached garage on land to the rear of 41/43 Queens Road, Barnetby.

(v) 00/1513 by Mr C Stanbridge for erection of extensions to a bungalow to provide karate studio and bedrooms and conversion to two storey dwelling at Long Meadows, 39 Sandtoft Road, Belton.

(vi) 00/1515 by North Lincolnshire Council for construction of roads and infrastructure to serve a future industrial estate including the construction of two roundabouts on the B1430 at former Normanby Park Steelworks, Normanby Road, Scunthorpe.

(vii) 00/1517 by Mr and Mrs Borrill for erection of a detached four-bedroomed house with garage on plot north of Ivy House, Main Street, Saxby – all -Saints.

(viii) 00/1531 by Mr DW Gossop for erection of a kitchen extension, change of use of part of a field to residential curtilage and erection of a detached garage at Wayne Lee, Marsh Lane, New Holland.

(viii) 00/1548 by Mr and Mrs C Nutt for erection of a detached house with integral garage on Plot 2, Clifford’s Leap, Scawby Brook, Scawby.

388 Resolved – That the following applications be refused in accordance with the recommendations contained in the reports.

(i) 00/1534 by Mr N McNichol for removal of condition 6 (site to be used as a caravan site between 31 October in any one year and 1 March in the succeeding year) of planning permission 2/588/84 to allow the caravan site to be occupied all year, at 7 Lakes Leisure Park, Wharf Road, Crowle.

(Prior to consideration of this application the applicant addressed the sub-committee. He had no desire to create a housing site but the existing condition had prevented the sale of plots. He queried the description of the site as being in open countryside. The proposal would not change the appearance of the site.

The Director of Environment and Public Protection advised members that the term “open countryside” was defined in the development plan. Development was not normally permitted in open countryside. The application had been assessed on the basis that it would permit all-year round occupation of the site. In policy terms, the same considerations would apply as for permanent structures).

(ii) 00/15454 by Mrs E Arnold for erection of a mobile classroom and extension of existing caravan site to provide an additional 10 pitches on land adjacent to Mill View Caravan Park, Mill Lane, Brigg.

(iii) 00/1558 by Day and Nite Stores Ltd for variation of Condition 2 (no deliveries to the shop units before 9.00 am or after 6.00 pm between Monday and Saturday and no deliveries on Sundays or Bank Holidays) of permission 96/2057 to permit daily deliveries between 7 am and 6 pm and daily newspaper deliveries between 6.30 am and 6 pm.

(The Director of Environment and Public Protection advised members that the Town Council objected to the application. He also informed the sub-committee that under the recently adopted delegation scheme he had the authority to take appropriate enforcement action if necessary).

389 Resolved – That consideration of the following applications be deferred until the next meeting and that members visit the sites prior to that meeting.

(i) 00/1497 by T D list for outline permission to erect a 10-bedroom extension to existing hotel at Giovannis, Vicarage Lane, North Killingholme.

(ii) 00/1535 by Houldsworth and Cooke for erection of a four-bedroomed house with detached garage on Plot 2, Cadney Road, Brigg.

390 (273) APPEALS – The Director of Environment and Public Protection submitted a report informing members of the outcome of the following appeals, all of which had been dismissed:-

(i) Against the refusal of permission for erection of a pair of semi-detached bungalows at Fir Tree Farm, East Marsh, Goxhill – Application reference 99/0422

(ii) Against the refusal of permission for erection of six semi-detached houses on land to the west of 48 Far Ings Road, Barton -upon -Humber – Application reference 00/0060.

(iii) Against the non-determination of an application for change of use of highway land to a sculpture park off Middlegate Lane, Elsham – Application 00/0357.

(iv) Against the refusal of permission for erection of extensions and the carrying out of alterations to an existing cottage to provide additional living accommodation at Windfall, 7 Palmer Lane, Barrow-upon-Humber.

(v) Against the refusal of permission for a change of use of premises to an Indian takeaway, 2 Cottage Beck Road, Scunthorpe.

(vi) Against the refusal of outline permission for residential development on land at 242, 246 and 248 Wharf Road, Ealand.

Resolved – That the report be noted.