Economic Development and Corporate Issues Scrutiny Panel – 15 February 2010

PRESENT: Councillor Smith in the chair.

Councillors Glover (vice-chair), Ali, Bainbridge, Barkworth, Berry and Wardle.

The panel met at Pittwood House, Scunthorpe.

124 DECLARATIONS OF PERSONAL OR PERSONAL AND PREJUDICIAL INTERESTS AND DECLARATIONS OF WHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS (IF ANY) – The following member declared a personal interest in the following matter: –

Subject & Nature of Interest
Councillor Ali General Licence Holder

No whip was declared.

125 PUBLIC SPEAKING – There were no requests received.

126 (15) ‘GREENING THE WORKPLACE’ REVISIT – (i) To discuss and approve the scrutiny review brief and draft timetable for the revisit of ‘Greening the Workplace’ November 2006 – The Service Director Legal and Democratic referred members to the scrutiny brief that had been circulated.

The document outlined the review brief which was to revisit the report of the Safer and Stronger Communities Scrutiny Committee, to monitor progress on the former committee’s recommendations, seeking evidence as appropriate and to make further recommendations, if considered appropriate.

Resolved – That the scrutiny brief be approved.

(ii) Progress on the recommendations within the 2006 ‘Greening the Workplace’ scrutiny review – discussions with Chris Matthews, Head of Moving Forward – The Chair explained that the Environment Team Manager had not been able to attend the meeting due to having been involved in a serious accident before Christmas. Chris was invited to address the panel.

Chris explained that a formal action plan in response to the 2006 report had never been drawn up, and advised the panel that a decision had been made to incorporate the recommendations within the Environment Policy 2006, a document that superseded the scrutiny review and which had been subsequently presented to Cabinet.

Discussions ensued and addressed whether any of the previous scrutiny panel’s recommendations had actually been put in place, whether the recommendations within the Environment Policy had been verbatim to those included within the scrutiny report, who had ownership of these and why this revisit had not been considered earlier?

The panel was advised of what progress had been made towards the 15 recommendations, and how the new Carbon Management Plan would now encompass all previous actions and recommendations requested within the previous scrutiny review and also the Environment Policy.

Members received further information on the Carbon Management Plan, the impact that this would have on the local authority and also the resident of North Lincolnshire, the benefits that had been made with the re-negotiation of the energy contract and how energy certificates and also recycling facilities were now available within the main council buildings. Members requested that a copy of the energy certification of the Council’s buildings be brought to a future meeting of the panel.

Members engaged in further discussions.

Resolved – (a) That Chris Matthews be thanked for his attendance at the meeting, and (b) that the information presented be noted.

(iii) Next Stages – The Service Director Legal and Democratic in attendance confirmed that further information relating to the previous scrutiny panels recommendations would be obtained and brought to the panel at a future meeting. The Members were also advised that Councillor Regan, Cabinet Member for Highways and Planning would be attending the next meeting.

127 (16) LEADER OF THE COUNCILS FORWARD PLAN – FEBRUARY TO MAY 2010 – The Service Director Legal and Democratic circulated the Leader of North Lincolnshire Council’s Forward Plan for February to May 2010.

The plan contained details of all matters and issues likely to be the subject of key decisions for a period of the next four months, updated on a monthly basis.

Resolved – That the Leader of the Council’s Forward Plan for February to May 2010 be noted.

ADDED ITEM – There was no added item for discussion at this meeting.