Healthier Communities and Older People Scrutiny Panel – 16 June 2009

PRESENT:  Councillor Barker in the chair.

Councillors Wells (vice-chairman), Collinson, Davison, Eckhardt, Sidell and Simpson.

The panel met at Pittwood House, Scunthorpe.

165  DECLARATIONS OF PERSONAL OR PERSONAL AND PREJUDICIAL INTERESTS AND DECLARATIONS OF WHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS (IF ANY) – There were no declarations of personal or personal and prejudicial interests.

No whip was declared.

166  PUBLIC REQUESTS TO SPEAKLocal resident, Mr Brian Booker, addressed the panel on the topic of the proposed GP-led Health Centre.  Mr Booker raised a number of concerns, including: 

  • A perceived lack of public consultation on the scheme,
  • Whether there has been any consideration of the use of alternative buildings,
  • Public transportation links, and
  • Whether a formal business plan has been agreed.


Following further discussion and questions, the Chair thanked Mr Booker for his contribution.

Resolved – (a) That Mr Booker’s above points be raised with NHS North Lincolnshire, feeding back to the panel, and (b) that Mr Booker be kept informed of progress.

167  EAST MIDLANDS AMBULANCE SERVICE – CONSULTATION ON BECOMING A FOUNDATION TRUST – The Chair welcomed Pete Jones, Lynn Rutland, Donna Irvine and Sam Price-Jones from the Ambulance Service to the meeting.  Sam and Donna conducted a presentation on the above proposal, including background, the service’s plans and a number of questions for members to respond to.

Members raised a number of issues, including statutory membership, consultation, membership criteria and operational issues.

Resolved – (a) That a recommendation for increased public consultation be passed to the service, and (b) that a formal response be discussed and agreed at the panel’s next meeting on 30 June 2009.

168  DISCUSSION WITH ANDREW NORTH, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF NORTHERN LINCOLNSHIRE AND GOOLE HOSPITALS NHS FOUNDATION TRUST – Members received a presentation from Andrew North, Chief Executive of Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  This covered local performance of the Trust, followed by a more general discussion of the future challenges that the Trust may face.  Andrew gave details of waiting times for a range of conditions, including cancer, Accident and Emergency, coronary heart disease and sexual health.  He also provided local information on tackling healthcare acquired infections.

Andrew then set out some future challenges, many of them financial.  Members asked questions on a range of issues, including infection rates, unscheduled care, thrombolysis, and the possible future structure of acute healthcare.  Andrew signified that he had reached agreement to speak informally to the scrutiny panel several times a year to update members on relevant issues.

Resolved – (a) that Mr North be thanked for his attendance at the meeting, and (b) that future meetings be arranged, with written questions submitted beforehand.

169   CONTINGENCY PLANNING – Membersdiscussed with Geoff Popple and Graham Wilkinson about local plans for possible emergencies.  Geoff and Graham explained the various groups that have responsibility for responding to local situations and plans to localise responses with appropriate support.  Members asked questions about potential gaps in local responses within Scunthorpe, testing of plans, and working with neighbouring authorities.

Resolved – (a) That Geoff and Graham be thanked for their attendance at the meeting, and (b) that consideration be given to including the topic on the panel’s work programme..

170  CENTRE FOR PUBLIC SCRUTINY BID – THE INVERSE CARE LAW AND LINKS BETWEEN PRACTICE BASED COMMISSIONING, DEPRIVATION AND HEALTH INEQUALITIES – Members received a verbal update from the Service Director, Legal and Democratic Services on progress on the above review.

Resolved – That the position be noted.

171  (2)  LEADER OF THE COUNCIL’S FORWARD PLAN –JUNE TO SEPTEMBER 2009– The Service Director Legal and Democratic circulated the Leader of North Lincolnshire Council’s Forward Plan for June to September 2009.

The plan contained details of all matters and issues likely to be the subject of key decisions for a period of the next four months, updated on a monthly basis.  Members discussed various items on the Forward Plan.

Resolved – That the position be noted.

172  FUTURE MEETING DATE – The panel discussed an option to hold an additional planning and evaluation meeting in order to meet with Mike Briggs, Service Director Adult Services.  This was to discuss strategic commissioning and other relevant issues.

Resolved – That an additional planning and evaluation meeting of the panel be held on 3 July 2009 at 10 a.m.