Safer and Stronger Communities Scrutiny Panel – 20 October 2009

PRESENT: Councillor Davison in the Chair.

Councillors Waltham (vice-chair), Ali, Clark, N Sherwood, Smith and Wilson

The panel met at Pittwood House, Scunthorpe.

197 DECLARATIONS OF PERSONAL OR PERSONAL AND PREJUDICIAL INTERESTS AND DECLARATIONS OF WHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS (IF ANY) – The following members declared personal interests in the following matter: –

Nature of Interest
Councillor Davison 198 Husband employed by Neighbourhood and Environmental Services
Councillor Clark 198 Relative received flood grant from North Lincolnshire Council
Councillor N Sherwood 198 Member of Ancholme Internal Drainage Board
Councillor Smith 198 Member of Ancholme Internal Drainage Board
Councillor Wilson 198 Member of Scunthorpe Internal Drainage Board
Councillor Waltham 198 Member of Scunthorpe Internal Drainage Board

No whip was declared.

198 LOCAL ACTION TAKEN TO MANAGE FLOOD RISK IN NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE – Members of the scrutiny panel conducted the following interviews with stakeholders responsible for flood protection as part of their on-going review into the ‘local action taken to manage flood risk in North Lincolnshire’ –

  • David Hoskins – Asset Management – Environment Agency (Midlands)
  • Innes Thomson – Area Flood Risk Manager for Midlands East Area – Environment Agency (Midlands)
  • Margaret Burrup – Sewer Flooding Manager – Severn Trent
  • Ian Smith – Project Officer – Severn Trent
  • David Sissons – Isle of Axholme Drainage Board
  • Peter Joyce – Anglian Water
  • Bill Hill – Principal Officer – Development Control – North Lincolnshire Council
  • Chris Barwell – Spatial Planning Manager – North Lincolnshire Council
  • Craig Fotheringham – Senior Planning Officer – North Lincolnshire Council
  • Trevor Laming – Head of Communities and Environment – North Lincolnshire Council
  • Jim Marshall – Flood Incident Management Team Leader – Environment Agency (Anglian)

Resolved – (a) That the aforementioned stakeholders be thanked for their attendance and input into the meeting, and (b) that the position be noted.