Healthier Communities and Older People Scrutiny Panel – 12 October 2010

PRESENT:- Councillor Wells in the chair.

Councillors Bunyan, Cawsey, Collinson, Davison, Eckhardt and Simpson.

The panel met at Pittwood House, Scunthorpe.

282 DECLARATIONS OF PERSONAL OR PERSONAL AND PREJUDICIAL INTERESTS AND DECLARATIONS OF WHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS (IF ANY) – The following members declared a personal interest in the following matter:-

Subject & Nature of Interest
Cllr Collinson 285 Member of Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Mental Health Foundation Trust
Cllr Eckhardt 285 Chairman of a local branch of Arthritis Care

No whip was declared.

283 MINUTES Resolved – That the minutes of the proceedings of this panel held on 29 June, 27 July and 14 September 2010, having been printed and circulated amongst the members, be taken as read and correctly recorded and signed by the chair.

284 PUBLIC REQUESTS TO SPEAK– There were no requests received.

285 INFORMAL DISCUSSION WITH KAREN JACKSON, CHIEF EXECUTIVE, NORTHERN LINCOLNSHIRE AND GOOLE HOSPITALS NHS FOUNDATION TRUST– The chair welcomed Karen to the meeting and invited her to update members on the work of the trust, including recent and ongoing developments. Karen raised a number of issues, including current reviews into women and children’s services, dermatology, hydrotherapy, and bed provision on Wards 10 and 11 at Scunthorpe General Hospital.Karen invited members’ views on the above issues and also updated members on the situation with digital mammography in Scunthorpe.Members discussed a range of related issues, including the effect of winter weather on non-elective care, alternatives to hydrotherapy treatment, the future of dermatology care and the preferred maintenance of spare capacity of eight beds in wards 10 and 11.

Resolved – (a) That Karen Jackson be thanked for her attendance and input, (b) that, Karen write to the panel confirming the arrangements for wards 10 and 11, with further feeding back to members in March 2011, and (c) that the panel be kept informed of the various reviews, acting as statutory consultees where required.

286 THE STRATEGIC RESPONSE TO HEALTH INEQUALITIES IN NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE – The Service Director Legal and Democratic outlined future arrangements for gathering evidence for the panel’s review into the response to health inequalities.

Resolved – (a) That the arrangements be noted, and (b) that the Chief Executive be invited to a future meeting.

287 SAFE AND SUSTAINABLE: CHILDREN’S HEART SURGERY – The Service Director Legal and Democratic updated members on recent developments around the forthcoming proposals to alter the national model of care for children’s heart surgery. It was explained that, due to further work being required, the proposals were not now expected until early next year

Resolved – That, upon publication of proposals in 2011, further consideration be given by the panel to members’ preferred consultation method

288 ADULT MENTAL HEALTH CONSULTATION – The Service Director Legal and Democratic explained that relevant witnesses had been invited to the panel’s meeting on 9 November 2010 to discuss the proposals.

Resolved – That the position be noted.

289 (12) LEADER OF THE COUNCIL’S FORWARD PLAN –SEPTEMBER TO DECEMBER – The Service Director Legal and Democratic circulated the Leader of North Lincolnshire Council’s Forward Plan for October 2010 to January 2011.

The plan contained details of all matters and issues likely to be the subject of key decisions for a period of the next four months, updated on a monthly basis. Members discussed various items on the Forward Plan.

Resolved – That the position be noted.