Safer and Stronger Communities Scrutiny Panel – 29 March 2011

PRESENT: Councillor Davison in the Chair.

Councillors Armitage, Barkworth, Clark, Ellerby, T Foster and C Sherwood.

Councillors Wilson and Whiteley attended the meeting as members of the Children and Young People Scrutiny Panel.

Statutory Co-opted Members for consideration of education issues: Mrs A Dunkerley (Parent Governor Representative) and Mr W Egan and Mrs W Witter (Church Representatives)

Councillor Collinson attended the meeting in accordance with the provisions of Procedure Rule 1.37 (b).

The panel met at Pittwood House, Scunthorpe.

397 DECLARATIONS OF PERSONAL OR PERSONAL AND PREJUCICIAL INTERESTS AND DECLARATIONS OF WHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS (IF ANY) – There were no declarations of personal or personal and prejudicial interest.

No whip was declared.

398 MINUTES – Resolved – That the minutes of the proceedings of this panel held on 15 March 2011, having been printed and circulated amongst the members, be taken as read and correctly recorded and signed by the chair.

399 PUBLIC SPEAKING – There were no requests received.

400 (45) CORE CASE INSPECTION OF YOUTH OFFENDING WORK IN NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE – The Chair welcomed the council’s Assistant Director: Localities and Partnerships and Head of Youth Offending Service from the Children and Young Peoples Service to the meeting. Susan Twemlow and Susan Sheriden had been invited to discuss the Chief Inspector of Probation’s inspection report of youth offending work in North Lincolnshire.

The chair also welcomed members of the council’s Children and Young Peoples Scrutiny Panel to the meeting who had been invited to listen to the presentation and participate in the discussion.

The chair invited Ms Twemlow and Mrs Sheriden to comment on the Chief Inspector of Probations report which stated that “work to tackle youth offending in North Lincolnshire needed drastic improvement”.

His report into the services in the region found half of the screenings for the risk of serious harm posed by children and young offenders was wrong.Inspectors also found risk to victims and the offenders’ previous behaviour were not always fully considered.

The inspectors’ findings were among the worst in England and Wales, with low scores in three key areas. The North Lincolnshire team scored 37 per cent for its work to protect young people, compared with a national average of 67per cent. Its work to protect the public was 36 per cent compared with an average of 62 per cent, and its work to reduce reoffending scored 43 per cent, compared with an average of 50 per cent.

The chair invited Ms Twemlow and Mrs Sheriden to comment on the report, before inviting all members in attendance to question the officers.

Following a verbal presentation from the Assistant Director, the chair facilitated a discussion between the members and Ms Twemlow and Mrs Sheriden.

Resolved – (a) That Ms Twemlow and Mrs Sheriden be thanked for their attendance and for answering members questions, and (b) that members be kept fully informed of the findings from the January 2012 re-inspection.

401 TUESDAY 12 APRIL 2011 MEETING OF THE SAFER AND STRONGER COMMUNITIES SCRUTINY PANEL – The Chair informed the panel that the consultation on the Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA) was now completed. However, council officers would not have an amended version of the PFRA ready for consideration by the scrutiny panel at its next meeting on 12 April due to the amendments that were required. Consequently, council officers had enquired if members would consider calling a special meeting of the panel week commencing 18 April 2011 in order to consider the PFRA.

The chair invited members to comment on the request.

Resolved Unanimously – That the 12 April 2011 meeting of the panel be cancelled, with a special meeting to be held on Monday 18 April 2011 at 2pm.

402 (46) LEADER OF THE COUNCIL’S FORWARD PLAN – APRIL TO JULY 2011 – The Service Director Legal and Democratic circulated the Leader of North Lincolnshire Council’s Forward Plan for April to July 2011.

The plan contained details of all matters and issues likely to be the subject of key decisions for a period of the next four months, updated on a monthly basis. Members discussed various items on the Forward Plan.

Resolved – That the Leader of the Council’s Forward Plan for April to July 2011 be noted.

403 ADDED ITEM – There was no added item for consideration at the meeting.