Places Scrutiny Panel – 13 March 2013

Places Scrutiny Panel – 13 March 2013

PRESENT:  Councillor T Foster in the chair.

Councillors Davison (Vice-Chair), Clark, Oldfield and P Vickers.

The panel met at the Civic Centre, Scunthorpe.


No whip was declared.

243  MINUTES – Resolved – That the minutes of the proceedings of this panel held on      20 February 2013, having been printed and circulated amongst the members, be taken as read and correctly recorded and signed by the chairman.

244  PUBLIC REQUESTS TO SPEAK – There were no requests received.

245  CABINET MEMBER AND SERVICE AREA PRIORITIES – The Chairman welcomed Councillor Mrs Redfern to the meeting, the council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration.  Councillor Mrs Redfern had been invited to the panel meeting to update members on any key decisions, important business or key developments, which had occurred during the last quarter.  Namely –

  • European Regional Development Fund had given outline business plan approval for Northern Lincolnshire Broadband UK, in particular a £12 million scheme to deliver superfast broadband and £5 million investment at the Killingholme Marshes Drainage scheme.
  • Regional Growth Fund (RGF) – 3 schemes had been approved creating approximately 200 jobs.  The schemes were now going through due diligence before they could be publicised.
  • Able Marine Energy Park – Public Examination had started at Immingham. The council was due to give evidence on 14 March 2013.  The examination would finish on 25 November with the decision due in Spring 2014.
  • Approval to work the A160 scheme up with a design budget had been approved ready for 2015 start.
  • The C-Gen £1 billion Carbon Capture and Storage Scheme planning application on South Humber Bank would be submitted in December.
  • Eco2 Brigg Biomass Power station would start in October creating up to 350 construction jobs.
  • Marks and Spencer’s to start in October subject to outcome of judicial review.
  • Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)South Bank Sub Board set up and running well.

Following the update, the Chairman invited members to question the Cabinet Member for Regeneration.

Resolved – (a) That the oral update be noted, and (b) that the Cabinet Member for Regeneration be thanked for her attendance, presentation and for answering members’ questions.

246  DATA PROTECTION ACT AND NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH – Further to Minute 240, the Chairman welcomed Will Bell and Lisa Kershaw to the meeting, the council’s Assistant Director Legal and Democratic Services and Principal Solicitor respectively.  Mr Bell and Miss Kershaw had been invited to the meeting to clarify the legal position with regards to elected members having access to Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators contact details.  This followed a recommendation in the panels previous review into the ‘co-ordination of North Lincolnshire’s Neighbourhood Watch Network’ that elected members could have access to the contact details if was deemed necessary and proportionate for the member to be able to fulfil their role.

The Chairman invited the Assistant Director to clarify the legal position, before a discussion ensued on the subject matter.

Resolved – (a) That the position be noted, and (b) that Mr Bell and Miss Kershaw be thanked for their attendance, presentation and for answering members’ questions.

247  SCRUTINY REVIEW OF COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – The Director of Policy and Resources updated panel members on the number of responses that had been received as part of the panel’s consultation in to how the council engaged with its residents.

Resolved – That the position be noted.

248  (29)  POLICE AND CRIME COMMISSIONER FOR HUMBERSIDE – POLICE AND CRIME PLAN FOR APRIL 2013 TO MARCH 2017 – The Director of Policy and Resources informed the meeting that the Police and Crime Panel had now met with the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) to discuss his Police ad Crime Plan.  Following that meeting, the Panel had no objections to the implementation of the Plan.  Therefore, it would come into effect from 1 April 2013.  The Plan contained a performance framework by which the document and PCC’s performance could be measured.

Resolved – That the position be noted.

249  ADDED ITEM – There was no added item for consideration at the meeting.