Health Scrutiny Panel – 9 July 2013

PRESENT:  Councillor Mrs Bromby in the chair.
Councillors Barker (Vice-Chair), Bainbridge, Eckhardt and England.

Councillor Whiteley attended the meeting in accordance with the provisions of Procedure Rule 1.37 (b).

The panel met at the Civic Centre, Scunthorpe.

130  DECLARATIONS OF DISCLOSABLE PECUNIARY INTERESTS AND PERSONAL OR PERSONAL AND PREJUDICIAL INTERESTS AND DECLARATIONS OF WHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS (IF ANY) – There were no declarations of disclosable pecuniary interests and personal or personal and prejudicial interests.

No whip was declared.

131  PUBLIC REQUESTS TO SPEAK – There were no requests received.

132  (20)  THE STANDARDISED HOSPITAL MORTALITY INDEX (SHMI) IN NORTHERN LINCOLNSHIRE AND GOOLE – The Chairman introduced the draft report to the panel, inviting comments on each of the recommendations and the report generally.  Members discussed the content and the recent review by NHS England’s Keogh team.

Resolved – (a) That the report be agreed and adopted by the panel, and passed to Cabinet for further discussion and appropriate action, and (b) that all partners and stakeholders involved throughout the review process be thanked for their assistance.

133  MEN’S HEALTH – The Chairman initiated a discussion amongst members about the potential benefits of doing a review into men’s health.  Specifically, options existed to examine access to primary care, services for men with lung cancer, and men’s experience of mental health services.  Members discussed the possible outcomes and approaches.

Resolved – (a) That the issue of men’s health be incorporated on the panel’s work programme, and (b) that the panel consider a future review on this subject when time becomes available.

134  FUTURE WORK PROGRAMME / PRIORITIES – The Chairman invited members to propose topics for the panel’s work programme.  Members discussed a range of issues, and identified three areas where more information was requested.  These were (i) Out-of-Hour GPs, (ii) Health and Social Care Locality Teams, and (iii) tobacco and smoking.

Resolved – That further information on the three issues described above be presented to the panel at a future date.

135  (21)  CONTINENCE SERVICES – The Director of Policy and Resources tabled a short report on continence services, describing the panel’s key findings to date.

Resolved – That the panel continue work on the draft report, presenting a more complete draft to the panel’s next meeting.

136  DEVELOPMENTS IN HEALTH – Members received a short, verbal update on developing issues relevant to the panel’s terms of reference.  This included an ongoing review of muscoskeletal medicine, led by North Yorkshire and Humber Commissioning Support Unit.

Resolved – That the situation be noted and further information be presented to the panel at a future date.

137  ADDED ITEM – There was no added item for consideration at the meeting.