People Scrutiny Panel – 13 November 2013


PRESENT:  Councillor Marper in the Chair.
Councillors Collinson (Vice-Chair), Clark, Godfrey and Wells.
Statutory Co-opted Members: Mrs D Senior and Mrs P Whittaker (Parent Governor Representative) Mr W Egan and Mr P Thompson (Church Representatives).
Councillor Waltham and Councillor Whiteley attended the meeting in accordance with the provisions of Procedure Rule 1.37 (b).
The panel met at the Civic Centre, Scunthorpe.


Member Minute Nature of Interest
Councillor Collinson 232 Family member employed

in the Youth Service

No whip was declared.

230  PUBLIC REQUESTS TO SPEAK There were no requests received.

231  REVIEW OF CHILDHOOD WEIGHT IN NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE – The Chairman invited Emma Howard-Drake the council’s Obesity Strategy Manager and Liz Notman, Partnership Development Manager for the North Lincolnshire school network.  They gave a presentation on the ‘Get Going’ programme that was currently taking place across North Lincolnshire working on a one-to-one basis with overweight children using a new approach of healthy weight management, and physical activity. They informed the panel that the programme had been in existence for 6 months and to date they had worked with 64 families, only three of whom declined to continue with the programme. The programme ran for a 10-week period with each family, and the results were showing clear improvement in every physiological result  carried out.

Following the presentation, the Chairman facilitated a discussion on the provision of the programme and the next stages of the review.

Resolved –  (a)That Emma Howard-Drake and Liz Notman be thanked for their attendance (b) that there presentation be received with thanks; (c) and that the draft report be brought to the next meeting for discussion.

232  YOUTH TRANSFORMATION UPDATE – The chairman welcomed Councillor Waltham, Cabinet member for People along with Lynne Ashcroft and Tracey Eden from the People Directorate to update members on the recent transformation of the Youth Services and how the service was progressing.

The panel was informed that the tendering process to date had resulted in a total of 17 providers delivering 21 projects, and as a consequence, the range of positive activities has been increased across North Lincolnshire. Activities were now being delivered across 20 centres, including activity in all 13 youth centre buildings.  Lynne also highlighted further progress that included: –

  • The Yap-Yapp website and the ‘App’ that were launched in September 2013 with the design of graphics developed by young people that promoted activities;
  • New providers were now operating in Scunthorpe North, Scunthorpe south, Winterton, Barton, Brigg, Epworth, and Crowle.  A further new provider would be introduced into the Isle centres from December 2013 and in the Base Centre in central Scunthorpe from January 2014;
  • Bottesford Youth Centre currently delivered services for young people who had disabilities.  Bottesford Pavilion centre and the Ashby area – consultation exercise to start November 2013 to identify what young people expect;
  • The Youth Outreach Worker posts were transferred to Children’s services, and the choices clinics continue to run in Youth Centre buildings.

Further in-depth discussions and questions from members of the panel took place with the officers and Cabinet member.

Resolved – (a) That the progress to date be noted, (b) that the officers and Cabinet Member be thanked for their attendance, and for answering members’ questions, and (c) that a further progress report be brought back to this panel in another six months.

233  ADDED ITEM – The Vice-Chairman requested an update for the panel on the new children’s home in North Lincolnshire, the Kingfisher Lodge.  The Chairman invited Paul Cowling, Service Manager, Children’s services to the meeting who along with Tracey Eden updated the panel on current developments, and in particular how rota visits would work for Elected members as Corporate Parents.

Resolved – (a) That the officers be thanked for their attendance, and (b) that the current position be noted.