Health Scrutiny Panel – 2 September 2014

PRESENT:  Councillor Mrs Bromby in the chair.

Councillors Barker (Vice-Chair), Bainbridge, Eckhardt and Ogg.

Councillors Whiteley and Wilson attended the meeting in accordance with the provisions of Procedure Rule 1.37 (b).

The panel met at the Civic Centre, Scunthorpe.


 Member Minute   Nature of Interest
 Councillor Barker  245  Patient at Trent View Medical Practice
 Councillor Bainbridge  245  Cauvery Medical Practice is in the Frodingham Ward.

No whip was declared.

244 PUBLIC REQUESTS TO SPEAK – There were no requests received.

245 (6) MANBY ROAD BRANCH SURGERY – The Chairman welcomed Chris Clarke, NHS England North Yorkshire and Humberside Area Team Assistant Head of Primary Care to the meeting.  Dr Sanderson, partner at Trent View Medical Practice, who was also in attendance for agenda item 246 confirmed that she would also be happy to contribute to the discussion.  Chris explained that there was a proposal to close the Manby Road Branch Surgery as the Trent View Practice, which operates the site, had concerns about the building’s suitability and future sustainability.  Discussions with patients indicated few problems with closing the surgery as the majority of patients travelled by car, and arrangements would be made for those in need.

Members asked questions on the issue, including on the building’s CQC rating, confidentiality, alternative primary care provision and funding implications.

The discussion then turned towards the Cauvery Medical Practice in Scunthorpe.  Chris was invited to give an overview of the situation, actions taken by NHS England, and the potential impact on patients.

The Chairman indicated that she would allow two members of the public to address the panel.  There was then a wider discussion on a number of issues, such as accommodation, patient safety and the relocation of the patient list.

Resolved – (a) That all parties be thanked for their attendance, (b) that the panel note the situation regarding primary care.

246 (7) HEALTHY LIVES, HEALTHY FUTURES – Dr Sanderson, Chair, and Allison Cooke, Chief Officer, North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group were invited to give a presentation on options for the future delivery of Hyperacute Stroke and Ear, Nose and Throat services.

Following this presentation, Margaret and Allison explained the consultation process, summarised the response to date and explained the rationale for the proposals.  Members asked questions on issues such as the type of patients affected, the sustainability of services and the future direction of the wider Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures programme.

Resolved – (a) That the panel draft responses to the ongoing consultation, to be submitted to the panel’s next scheduled meeting, and (b) that Margaret Sanderson and Allison Cooked be thanked for their attendance.

247 CHILDREN’S HEART SURGERY – The Director of Policy and Resources provided a short oral update on forthcoming consultation and engagement around a national review of children’s congenital heart surgery.  A number of regional meetings were being planned to respond to the consultation.

Resolved – That the situation be noted.

248 DEVELOPMENTS IN HEALTH – Members received a short, oral update on developing issues relevant to the panel’s terms of reference.

Resolved – That the situation be noted

249 ADDED ITEM – There was no added item for consideration at the meeting.