Health Scrutiny Panel – 17 October 2016

Chairman:   Cllr Mumby-Croft
Venue:          Function Room 1, Civic Centre, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe
Time:          2.00 p.m.


1.       Substitutions.

2.       Declarations of disclosable pecuniary interests and personal or personal and prejudicial interests and declarations of whipping arrangements (if any).

3.       Public speaking requests (if any)

4.       Humber, Coast and Vale Sustainability and Transformation Plan 2016-21

4.1     Update from the Chief Officer, North Lincolnshire CCG.
4.2     Next stages

5.       Kirton Lindsey Surgery / Hawthorn Surgery, Scotter

5.1     Discussion with North Lincolnshire CCG / Practice Representatives.
5.2     Next stages (if any)

6.       Domestic Abuse

6.1     Informal discussion with representatives of the Safer Neighbourhoods Team.
6.2     Next stages (if any).

7.       Sexual Health and Wellbeing

7.1     Summary of evidence heard to date.
7.2     Next stages

8.       Added item (if any).

9.       Any other items which the Chairman decides are urgent by reason of special circumstances which must be specified.


PRESENT:-   Councillor Mumby-Croft in the Chair.

Councillors Armiger, Davison, Ellerby and Ogg.

The panel met at the Civic Centre, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe.

369     DECLARATIONS OF DISCLOSABLE PECUNIARY INTERESTS AND PERSONAL OR PERSONAL AND PREJUDICIAL INTERESTS AND DECLARATIONS OF WHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS (IF ANY) – Cllr Ogg declared a personal interest on item 371 as he knew Andy Clifford, Practice Manager of the  Kirton Lindsey GP Surgery.

No whip was declared.

370     PUBLIC REQUESTS TO SPEAK– There were no requests received.

371     KIRTON LINDSEY SURGERY / HAWTHORN SURGERY, SCOTTER – The Chairman welcomed Dr Julie Killingbeck, Head of Primary Care North Lincolnshire CCG, and Andy Clifford, Practice Manager Kirton Lindsey Surgery, to the meeting.  The Chairman explained that Julie and Andy had been invited to discuss developing proposals around merging the Kirton Lindsey and Hawthorn surgeries.  Julie provided an overview of the proposal, the potential implications and improvements, and patient engagement.

Members asked a number of questions about related issues.

Resolved – (a)  That Dr Julie Killingbeck and Andy Clifford be thanked for their attendance and for answering members’ questions, and (b) that the situation be noted, with a further update provided to the panel in due course.

372     DOMESTIC ABUSE – The Chairman welcomed Debbie Winning, Domestic Abuse Strategy Manager, to the meeting.  Debbie had been invited to update the panel on ongoing work to tackle domestic abuse and violence.  Debbie provided an overview of the White Ribbon Campaign, which aimed to reduce violence against women, and the development and implementation of the Domestic Abuse Strategy.

Members asked question on issues such as support to victims, risk reduction, age profiles, and access to legal assistance.

Resolved – (a) That Debbie Winning be thanked for her attendance, and (b) that the situation be noted.

373     ADDED ITEM – There was no added item for consideration at the meeting.