Governance and Standards Scrutiny Panel (Special Meeting) 5 October 2017

Chairman: –  Councillor Robinson
Venue:  Function Room 2, Civic Centre, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe
Time: –  9 am



1.       Substitutions.
2.       Declarations of Personal or Personal and Prejudicial Interest and Declarations of Whipping Arrangements (if any).
3.       Public Requests to speak (if any).
4.       Item requested for call-in, in accordance with paragraph 22 of Part D Rule 5 (Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rules) of the council’s constitution.

Minute 12 of the Community Wellbeing and Safer, Greener and Cleaner Places Cabinet Members meeting held on 29 September 2017 – Establishment of a Local Nature Reserve.
5.       Any other items which the chairman decides are urgent by reason of special circumstances which must be specified.


PRESENT: –  Councillor Robinson in the chair.

Councillors Collinson, Longcake. Mumby-Croft and Swift.

The panel met at the Civic Centre, Scunthorpe.


No whip was declared.

31  PUBLIC REQUESTS TO SPEAK The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and advised members of the panel that a request to address the panel had been received from Mr Neil Herrick.  Mr Herrick wished to share his concerns about the following –

  • The data used on the activity at the golf course was not accurate.  There had been no one in attendance from the council to record the activity at the course for many months.  The course had unfortunately been mis-managed and was now unplayable.
  • The presentation of the report was misleading.  There was no reference in the officers report to the benefits of using the course, just the benefits of the nature reserve.  The report made reference to encouraging wildlife at the site, yet wildlife and flora already existed in abundance.  Woodpeckers, buzzards and wild deer already frequented the site.  This was contrary to comments made in the report.
  • The consultation event was convened at short notice, and the time was not convenient for many users of the site to attend.  Opinions raised at the consultation event were not included in the report.  There was no suggestion at the consultation event that the golf course would be replaced by a nature reserve.
  • The golf course was in a state of dis-repair.  It had not been maintained by the council for many months.  The greens were unplayable and the fairways were overgrown.  The site cannot be recognised as a golf course.

Resolved – (a) That Mr Herrick be thanked for his attendance and contribution at the meeting, and (b) that the public speaker be invited to contribute to the call-in discussion (minute 32 refers)

32  (9)  ITEM REQUESTED FOR CALL-IN IN ACCORDANCE WITH PARAGRAPH 22 OF PART D RULE 5 (OVERVIEW AND SCRUTINY PROCEDURE RULES) OF THE COUNCIL’S CONSTITUTION – Minute 12 of the Community Wellbeing and Safer, Greener and Cleaner Places Cabinet Members meeting held on 29 September 2017 – Establishment of a Local Nature Reserve – The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting, and invited a nominee of the members who had requested the call-in to speak on the above decision and question the Cabinet Members.  Members outlined areas of concern as reasons for seeking a review of the above decision.  Namely –

  • The decision had not taken into consideration the objections of over 600 people to the loss of the golf provision.
  • That in addition to establishing a nature reserve, golf be retained at the site.
  • That firm plans be added on the future of the building at the Kingsway Golf Course, to ensure it does not become a rundown derelict eyesore, and
  • That the covenant on the land be reaffirmed and that the green open space be protected against future building development.

Following a discussion on the above issues, the Community Wellbeing and Safer, Greener and Cleaner Places Cabinet Members were invited to respond to the concerns and reasons for the decision being called in, and be held to account for the decision taken.

The Director: Operations and Director: Learning, Skills and Culture, who were also in attendance, were invited to comment.

It was then –

Moved by Councillor Robinson and seconded by Councillor Mumby-Croft–

That no further action be taken, and the Establishment of a Local Nature Reserve decision of the Community Wellbeing and Safer, Greener and Cleaner Places Cabinet Members (minute 12 refers) be implemented with immediate effect.

It was then

Moved by Councillor Swift and seconded by Councillor Collinson as an amendment–

That the decision be referred to council to consider thus allowing all democratic processes to be fulfilled, the consultation to be completed and any petitions duly heard as per North Lincolnshire Council’s constitution.

Amendment Lost

Motion Carried