Scrutiny Reports 2010-2011

Promoting the health and wellbeing of North Lincolnshire Council’s staff

A review focused on encouraging healthier, happier and more productive staff, who will, in turn, provide better services for local people.


Corporate parenting

This review was looked at to ensure that the council was fulfilling its duty as corporate parent.


Greening the workplace – revisit

This review looked at progress four years on from a scrutiny review into the council’s environmental policies and practices.


Fear of crime in North Lincolnshire

This review focused on why residents of North Lincolnshire appear more fearful of crime than the actual incidence of crime suggest and what North Lincolnshire and its partners are doing to address this.


Safeguarding at schools on polling days

This review was triggered by the proximity of the local government elections in May 2011 and the panel’s concerns for the education of children and the safeguarding issues, which can arise at that time.


The strategic response to health inequalities in North Lincolnshire

This review was looked at to address health inequalities locally.