Standards Sub-Committee – 24 September 2009


Hearing date : 24 September 2009

Re: Reference concerning possible failure to follow the code of conduct

Respondent: Councillor Harold Edwards

Relevant Authority: Barnetby le Wold Parish Council

Sub-Committee Members:

Mr Wayne Harvie (Independent Member) (Chair)

Councillor Richard Nixon (Parish Member)

Councillor Andrea Davison (Member)

Councillor John England (Member)

Councillor Neil Poole (Member)

1. The Referral from the Assessment Sub Committee

1.1 The Sub Committee considered a matter referred by an Assessment Sub Committee (reference 2008/21). Mr Will Bell (Legal) and Mr Richard Mell (Democratic Services) had investigated the complaint and produced a report.

1.2 The Respondent had been provided with a copy of the investigating officers’ report and had been given an opportunity to respond.

2. Attendance

Mr Bell and Mr Mell attended and presented the report.

The sub committee was advised by the Monitoring Officer, Mr Mike Wood.

3. The Complaint

3.1 A complaint had been received that the Respondent had breached the Code of Conduct by his conduct at a parish council meeting on 20 October 2008. It was alleged that paragraphs 3(1) (failure to treat with respect) and 3(2)(b) (bullying) of the Code had been breached.

3.2 The complaint had been made by Mrs B Falconer Bannon a resident of the parish.

4. Submission by the Complainant

4.1 The Complainant following interview and bearing in mind the sensitive circumstances leading up to the complaint had indicated that she did not wish to pursue it.

5. Submission by the Respondent

5.1 There was no submission for excluding the press and public.

5.2 The Respondent had indicated that in the circumstances he was content for the investigation not to proceed.

6. Submission by the Investigating Officers

6.1 The Investigating officers submitted an account of the investigation, the interviews which had been undertaken together with the outcome.

7. Decision

In the circumstances the sub committee decided that no action should be taken.