Standards Sub-Committee – 3 November 2009

Chair: Mr W Harvie
Venue: International Room, Pittwood House, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe
Time: 9.30 am


To consider a report in relation to an allegation that Councillor Gosling of North Lincolnshire Council failed to comply with the Council’s Code of Conduct.

The report of the Investigating Officer, Sarah Monaghan is enclosed.


Hearing Date: 3 November 2009

Re: Reference concerning possible failure to follow the code of conduct

Respondent: CouncillorTony Gosling

Relevant Authority: North Lincolnshire Council

Sub-Committee Members:

Mr Wayne Harvie (Independent Member) (Chair)
CouncillorYvonne Aubrey (Parish Member)
CouncillorJohn Kitwood (Parish Member)
Councillor Neil Poole (Member)

1. The Referral from the Assessment Sub Committee

1.1 The Sub Committee considered a matter referred by an Assessment Sub Committee (reference 2008/03). Miss Sarah Monaghan (Legal) had investigated the complaint and produced a report.

1.2 The Respondent had been provided with a copy of the investigating officer’s report and had been given an opportunity to respond.

2. Attendance

Miss Monaghan attended and presented the report.

The sub committee was advised by the Monitoring Officer, Mr Mike Wood.

3. The Complaint

3.1 A complaint had been received that the Respondent had breached the Code of Conduct in respect of a letter which had appeared in the local press in the name of D Marshall. It was alleged that paragraphs 3(1) (failure to treat with respect), 3(2)(b) (bullying), 5 (disrepute) and 6(a) using position improperly of the Code had been breached.

3.2 The complaint had been made by Councillor John England a member of North Lincolnshire Council.

4. Submission by the Complainant

4.1 The Complainant was not present but had indicated that further interviews should take place.

5. Submission by the Respondent

5.1 There was no submission by the Respondent.

6. Submission by the Investigating Officer

6.1 The Investigating officer submitted an account of the investigation to date. Mr Marshall had been interviewed accompanied by his mother. He had indicated that he did not support the complaint which had been made without his knowledge or approval.

7. Decision

In the circumstances the sub committee decided that no action should be taken.