Leader of the Council – minutes – 17 April 2009

The decision on the following item was taken by the Leader of the Council as the Cabinet Member for Highways and Planning had declared a Personal and Prejudicial interest.

73 (37) TRAFFIC REGULATION ORDER, MESSINGHAM ROAD (SCUNTHORPE AND BOTTESFORD) – The Service Director Highways and Planning submitted a report seeking approval for the implementation of a ‘No Waiting At Any Time’, Traffic Regulation Order.

During 2008, the council constructed cycle lanes along both sides of Messingham Road from its junctions with Burringham Road and Moorwell Road. Despite the Highway Code advising vehicles not to park on cycle lanes, it was regularly noted that this advice was being ignored. Cyclists were being forced to move into the busy road by the presence of the parked vehicles.

Despite requests to the residents to keep the lanes clear, it was still considered necessary to promote the implementation of a ‘No Waiting At Any Time’, Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). As part of the statutory process of consultation, five individual objections and a petition had been received objecting to the TRO.

Although many cars had access to driveways, there were a number of households that did not have that facility. Those residents, and others, currently parked their vehicles on the road within the cycle lanes. The council recognised the difficulties that parking restrictions caused for residents, though it was noted that the highway was for the safe passage of vehicles, including cyclists.

Resolved – (a) That, having given due consideration to the objections raised by some local residents, the Traffic Order to implement ‘No Waiting At Any Time’ restrictions in Messingham Road, to protect the cycle lanes, as set out in the report, be approved, and (b) that all lead petitioners and written objectors be informed of the results of the decision, in writing, in accordance with the statutory procedure.