Leader of the Council – Minutes – 28 January 2009

64 (29) WHAT WILL THE POLICING AND CRIME BILL MEAN? – CONFERENCE – A report was submitted by the Service Director Legal and Democratic in connection with a one day conference to be held in London on Friday 13 February 2009 entitled “What will the Policing and Crime Bill Mean?” This one day event would provide an early opportunity to discuss a number of the proposed measures in the recently published Policing and Crime Bill.

Resolved – That the chair of the council’s Licensing Committee or his nominated substitute be authorised to attend the above mentioned one day conference.

65 (30) LGA/CLOA ANNUAL CULTURE, TOURISM AND SPORT CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION 2009 – The Service Director Legal and Democratic submitted a report in connection with this year’s LGA/CLOA Annual Culture, Tourism and Sport Conference and Exhibition 2009 The conference was to be held on Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 March 2009 in Brighton. It would explore how councils can work with partners to increase participation in culture, sport and tourism.

Resolved – That the Cabinet Member for Leisure, Arts and Culture be authorised to attend the above mentioned conference.