Children’s Services Cabinet Member – minutes – 2 October 2009

129 (11) MACHINERY OF GOVERNMENT (MoG) CHANGES FOR 14-19 LEARNING AND SKILLS – The Service Director Transition and Development submitted a report advising on the work of the 14-19 Task Group dealing with the transfer of responsibility for the for the commissioning of 16-19 education and training provision from the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) to Local Authorities (LAs) from April 2010.

The statutory framework for 14-19 learning and skills was changing. By 2013 all 17 year olds would have to be in education or training and all 18 year olds by 2015. They would be entitled to access a wider range of curricular options aligned to four pathways: general e.g. GCSE; foundation learning; apprenticeship; and diploma. Key elements within the changes were learner choice, high quality provision and economic relevance.

A main objective of the Government’s reform was the dissolution of the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) and the transfer of responsibility for commissioning of 16-19 provision to Local Authorities (LAs) from April 2010. LAs would assume responsibility for securing sufficient education and training provision for all young people, including those aged 16-19, and 19-25 being assessed for a learning difficulty and/or disability.

LAs were required to work in partnership through the creation of sub-regional groups (SRGs) to ensure efficient and effective use of resources. In the Government Office Yorkshire and the Humber area four SRGs had been established, the South Bank partnership between North Lincolnshire (NLC) and North East Lincolnshire (NELC) Councils being one of those groups. As part of the agreement to work together NLC and NELC had drawn up a memorandum of understanding within which they would work together

As part of the changes three new national agencies had established to work with and support LAs and SRGs: the Young People’s Learning Agency with a remit to provide strategic management information; a National Apprenticeship Service to promote and co-ordinate apprenticeships; and the Skills Funding Agency, to oversee adult provision.

The report gave full details of the Machinery of Government process.

Resolved – (a) That the Machinery of Government Memorandum of Understanding between North and North East Lincolnshire Councils be accepted, and (b) that the actions to date be agreed, and (c) that further progress reports be submitted to the Cabinet Member following the completion of the TUPE transfer of Learning and Skills Council staff to the two local authorities.