Adult Services Cabinet Member – Minutes – 10 March 2011

74 (17) ADULT SOCIAL SERVICES SUPERVISION POLICY – The Service Director Adult Services submitted a report seeking endorsement of the policy for implementation.

It was explained that Adult Services developed a Workforce Strategy which was launched in 2010, of which one of the recommended actions was to develop a supervision policy. The Service Director Adult Services confirmed that staff had been involved in developing this policy and that all Adult Service staff, regardless of role, had a right to supervision.

The policy defined supervision as, a regular one to one meeting between the supervisor (e.g. line manager) and supervisee in order to meet organisational, professional and personal objectives. Supervision formed a key part of individual performance management. It underpinned the induction programme (for newly appointed workers) and was the foundation on which appraisal was built.

It was considered that the policy was fundamental to managing people and managing performance.

Resolved – That the policy be endorsed for implementation.

75 (18) ANNUAL INCREASE OF SERVICE USER CONTRIBUTION RATES – The Service Director Adult Services submitted a report which outlined the proposal for the annual increases to service user contributions which would form an integral part of the Adult Social Services revenue budget for 2011-2012 financial year. It was also proposed that where contributions from service users were raised, they were in line with inflation and continued to represent excellent value for money.

The council was able to financially assess service users and required them to make a contribution towards the cost of the care and support provisions it made for them (including those in care homes, those receiving community services or those who had a direct payment). The service user contribution policy set out the principles that applied to the assessment of a person’s contribution to their care and support.

It was proposed that all charges and contribution rates be increased from 11 April 2011 to coincide with the increase in benefit rates.

Resolved – That the annual increases to contribution rates as detailed in Appendix A to the report be approved and implemented as from 11 April 2011.

76 (19) FEES REPORT – The Service Director Adult Services submitted a report which sought to explain the outcome of the annual review of fees which were paid for services purchased by Adult Social services during 2011/12.

The report confirmed that improving the quality of care for older frail residents continued to be a priority and that the practise of negotiating individual fees for specialist services would cease.

The Service Director Adult Services advised that each year it was a requirement that the service reviewed the fees paid for the provision of care and support services. It was considered that the approved budget would ensure the same level of service continued to be provided, but would enable the service to continue to develop the external market to ensure it was able to take on new and creative solutions to meeting people’s needs.

Despite unprecedented pressure on local authority budgets the service remained committed to ensuring that services purchased on behalf of vulnerable people were of the highest quality. The approved budget ensured that the same level of service would continue to be provided, but the external market would be developed to ensure it was able to take on new and creative solutions to meeting people’s needs.

Resolved – (a) That the proposed increase in the Quality Payment Scheme for older peoples services and Direct Payments be approved, and (b) that the proposal to subject any request for increases in specialist service fees, to be subject to the relevant procurement process and that no negotiation occurs without this, be approved.

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