Neighbourhood, Environment & Communities Cabinet Member – Minutes – 23 November 2010

105 (16) ACQUISITION OF MOBILE DISPLAY VEHICLE – The Service Director Neighbourhood and Environment submitted a report seeking agreement to acquire the mobile display vehicle currently used as a regional smoking cessation mobile display when the Regional Smokefree Alliance office closes.

The vehicle was being offered at no cost to any local authority in the region that expressed an interest and if approved, the vehicle could become part of the council’s fleet and used for a variety of exhibition purposes.

The Yorkshire and The Humber Smokefree Alliance commissioned the design and construction of the mobile display vehicle for the sole use of promoting NHS stop smoking services in the region. It was similar in appearance to a small lorry, the main unit of the vehicle was an office, the side of which extended outwards to create a display area and two seating areas. The office had a sound system and LCD display screen. It was air conditioned and had both a stairway and a lift to facilitate access. The vehicle had a generator, so was fully self contained.

The Regional Smokefree Alliance Office was due to close at the end of March 2011 due to financial cutbacks and before this date the vehicle must be given a new home. It was offered, at no cost, to any organisation in the region willing to accept it. There would be maintenance costs and current budgets indicated a figure of approximately £5,000 each year for this purpose. It was likely that with less frequent use and if it were brought into the NLC fleet these costs could be significantly reduced.

The bus had the potential of being used for purposes which included:

  • Promoting local stop smoking services
  • Promoting a range of health improvement services and activities
  • Promoting other council services within the service area.

Uses that could involve income generation included:

  • Promoting other council and service area activities
  • Use by the NHS to promote counselling, advice or screening
  • Use by Humberside Fire and Rescue, Action4Employment, or a wide range of voluntary sector organisations
  • Use by other LA or PCT areas to promote their local stop smoking services.

Resolved – That the proposal to acquire the mobile display vehicle be approved.

106 (17) RELOCATION OF THE SCUNTHORPE AREA TEAM – The Service Director Neighbourhood and Environment submitted a report seeking the approval of the Cabinet Member for the relocation of the Scunthorpe Area Team from Station Road, Scunthorpe to Northampton Road, Scunthorpe.

The condition of the existing buildings at the Station Road depot were very poor and in need of extensive major works to upgrade them to a usable and safe state, and the sale of the Station Road site and move to Northampton Road would realise a sizeable capital receipt.

The Scunthorpe Area Team had used the facilities at the Station Road depot for many years. Prior to this the facilities were used as a Highways depot by Scunthorpe Borough Council. The condition of the buildings, yard etc had over the years fallen into disrepair and the facilities for staff were extremely poor. A recent conditions survey rated the facility very poor in many categories.

The site had been one of two that dispensed fuel for the council’s fleet of vehicles. This facility was also in need of investment. The extensive traffic movement on the site for this purpose created its own safety problems.

The site at Northampton Road was in the process of being vacated by North Lincolnshire Homes, and prior to this the site had been used by the council’s building works department. It was proposed that management staff be relocated to Cottage Beck Road.

There were plans to allow offices to be added onto the proposed unit at Northampton Road if further funds allowed and the site at Northampton Road had a number of buildings/workshops that, with a minimum amount of work, would make suitable units for the Scunthorpe Area Team.

Resolved – (a) That the relocation of the Scunthorpe Area Team from Station Road, Scunthorpe to Northampton Road, Scunthorpe be approved, and (b) that the relocation be progressed as a matter of urgency.