Adult and Children’s Services Cabinet Member – minutes – 7 September 2011

16 (16) REGIONAL EMARKETPLACE FOR ADULT SOCIAL SERVICES – The Director of Adult Social Services submitted a report updating the Cabinet Member on the council’s participation in the regional eMarketplace procurement project, and seeking endorsement for the council to opt into the deployment of the eMarketplace for North Lincolnshire from Spring 2012. 

The eMarketplace was a leading edge technology solution that would significantly contribute to establishing an improved local care and support market, offering more choice to those who needed care and support. 

The eMarketplace would be open to people seeking care and support in addition to their carers, and those who were working with individuals to help them find care and support solutions.  It would provide shop windows for providers to advertise their services, as well as providing advice and information about a range of activities to help maintain people’s health, well-being and independence. 

Doncaster MBC, on behalf of the Yorkshire and Humber Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, had led the procurement exercise, which had attracted a large number of bidders.  A preferred supplier, ‘Shop4Support’ had been chosen. 

The eMarketplace would stretch across most councils in the region and offered the potential of attracting suppliers who could trade across council boundaries.  The Shop4Support solution would also allow local branding as the site would be accessed via the North Lincolnshire website.  If the council opted into the project ‘go live’ would be by Spring 2012. 

Resolved – That the decision to opt into the deployment of the eMarketplace project be endorsed.

17 (17) COMMUNITY MEALS SERVICE – The Director of Adult Social Services submitted a report informing the Cabinet Member of options to secure the future of the Community Meals Service, and recommending a preferred option for consideration. 

The Community Meals Service provided a service to 287 individuals aged between 50 and 104. The service provided a hot meal to people who were unable to prepare or have a meal provided by any other means. When a meal was being delivered, a well-being check was also carried out to highlight any potential problems, such as the house being too cold, to an appropriate person. Due to various issues, and in light of an increasing focus on preventative services, it was necessary to carry out a review of potential options to secure the future of the service. 

Meals were prepared in various council kitchens in day services and schools across North Lincolnshire, as well as at a private sector care home. 

The service had developed in recent years but the service in its current form was now close to capacity with little room for further improvement. The population of older people in North Lincolnshire was anticipated to increase by 26 per cent by 2016. If the rate of referrals were to remain the same, then the Community Meals Service in its current form would be unable to meet the demand. 

The report set out options for consideration for the future of the service. 

Resolved – That the matter be deferred for further consideration.