Adult & Children’s Services Cabinet Member – Minutes – 1 March 2012

It is illegal to undertake a “house-to-house” collection without a licence from the council. Nor should a collector bother any person to the extent of annoying them. And they shouldn’t remain in, or at the door of any house after being asked to leave. The promoter of a collection must furnish an account of the collection in the form given by the council.

Door to door collection of money and/or goods must have permission from one of the following:

  • Home Office – Large national charities collecting nation-wide may be granted an exemption order. It is recommended that they notify the council when collecting in a specific area. But they are under no obligation to do so.
  • Police – People can apply to the police for a certificate of exemption to carry out very small collections for local charities. The police notify the council of any exemption certificates they issue.
  • Council – All other collections need a permit from the council. For example, a collection from pub to pub would need a permit. The council can only refuse permits on specific grounds. The person authorised to hold the collection must issue all collectors with identification badges and authority to collect.