Corporate & Community Services Cabinet Member – Minutes – 15 March 2012

20  (20)  REDEPLOYMENT – The  Assistant Director Human Resources submitted a report seeking approval of the revisions to the council’s redeployment policy.

It was explained that the council’s Redeployment policy was last updated during 2010 at a time when the likelihood of an increase in the number of redeployees was anticipated. The changes at that time supported the procedural impact but did not sufficiently consider the extent and increased cost of existing salary protection arrangements.

Changes were proposed to balance the council’s obligations and continued commitment to limit redundancies by offering suitable alternative employment, whilst providing reasonable and affordable amounts of salary protection.

In summary, the revised Redeployment policy meant salary protection would:

  • only apply to employees with two years or more continuous service;
  • be limited to the lesser of, the actual difference in pay, or a maximum 30 per cent of previous salary (Appendix 10); and
  • reduce on a graduated basis over a period of two years.

Resolved – (a) That the revised policy be approved and adopted, and (b) that the revised policy be implemented from 1 April 2012.

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