Highways & Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member – Minutes – 17 November 2011

35  DECLARATIONS OF PERSONAL OR PERSONAL AND PREJUDICIAL INTERESTS – Cllr Ogg (Lead Member Highways) declared a personal interest in item 2 (Minute 37 refers) and took no part in the discussions. 

36  (35) HIGHWAYS LOCAL TRANSPORT PLAN PROGRAMME UPDATE – The Director of Infrastructure Services submitted a report to advise on the progress made in delivering the Local Transport Plan programme. 

It was explained that the capital funding for transport related projects was secured through the Local Transport Plan (LTP) process. The council had to present an LTP submission to the Department for Transport, setting out the transport priorities, and the start of the third generation of these plans.  The LTP now covered a 15 year period. 

As part of the LTP submission, the council was required to produce a three year delivery plan, which set out a programme of themes and outcomes for achievement over the plan period. 

Highway maintenance schemes were prioritised using nationally recognised highway condition assessment criteria within a prioritisation framework. Where appropriate, maintenance schemes also included measures to improve road safety (particularly for vulnerable road users), increase personal security, reduce crime and enhance the street scene. 

The LTP was the subject of extensive consultation to identify transport priorities and needs for the period of the LTP and beyond.  This was reflected in the three-year delivery plan. 

Resolved – That the cabinet member be kept informed of progress on the delivery of the programme on a monthly basis. 

37  (36)  ALKBOROUGH FLATS CAR PARK – The Director of Infrastructure Services submitted a report seeking approval to lease a small area of land adjacent to Whitton Road, Alkborough, and commit the council to pay the annual rent for a period of 10 years. 

It was explained that Alkborough Flats managed realignment site formed part of the Environment Agency’s Humber Flood Risk Management Strategy. The site was the second largest managed realignment site in Europe and had won several awards for its design and management. 

The council had worked in partnership since 1998 with the Environment Agency, Natural England and Associated British Ports (“the project partners”), to deliver the site. Since the site was breached, the council had worked with the project partners to develop it into a Nature Reserve.   The cabinet member was advised that the car parking facilities at the site were inadequate and visitors to the site found that this restricted their access to the site. 

It was considered that entering into a 10 year lease would enable the provision of a suitable car park for the facility and that once the car park was created Alkborough Flats could be promoted fully as a tourist attraction through the South Humber Collection. This would bring in larger numbers of visitors to this part of North Lincolnshire and an increase in visitor numbers would help boost the local visitor economy. 

Resolved – That the lease of 1,440m2 of agricultural land off Whitton Road, Alkborough, subject to terms agreed by the Director of Infrastructure Service, be approved. 

38  (37) PUBLIC TRANSPORT – CONCESSIONARY FARES 2012/13 – The Director of Infrastructure Services submitted a report seeking to determine the reimbursement rate for the council’s concessionary fare scheme in 2012/13. 

The report outlined the extra cost of pass issue in 2012/13 and confirmed that the budget process would take into account the funding needs of the scheme. 

The report outlined that the council had a duty to provide free travel for older people and people with disabilities between the hours of 9.30am and 11pm, Monday to Friday and all day at weekends and on bank holidays. This was part of the English national travel concession scheme. 

North Lincolnshire Council already provided an extended service, and it was considered that the cost of doing this would be minimal within the overall scheme compared to the access to bus travel that it provided for pass holders. 

It was explained that as of 26 September 2011 there were 33,424 North Lincolnshire passes in circulation. Until April 2010, people qualified for a pass on their 60th birthday, however the qualifying age was now going up in line with women’s retirement pension age and it was expected that there would be 20 per cent fewer eligible people by 2020. 

The report outlined three models for the reimbursement rate, these included – 

Option 1: The ‘TAS’ model, equating to 58.8 per cent

Option 2: Department of Transport model suggests a rate of 68.4 per cent

Option 3: A “fixed pot” scheme that safeguards, as far as possible, the level of service

It was confirmed that the council had engaged in consultation with Stagecoach and Hornsby Travel Services, and was confident that a fixed pot scheme could limit reimbursement spending in 2012/13 and gave a reasonable assurance that their bus network would not contract. 

Resolved – (a) That the reimbursement rate of 60.1 per cent, based around fixed pot negotiations with the main bus operators and appropriate budget, as outlined in 5.1.2 be approved, and (b) that the scheme statement be amended accordingly and published by 1 December 2011. 

39  (38)   EXPERIMENTAL TRAFFIC REGULATION ORDER – OSWALD ROAD, SCUNTHORPE –  The Director of Infrastructure Services submitted a report seeking approval for the consolidation of an experimental Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for ‘No Waiting At Any Time’ (NWAAT) 3.30pm to 6.30pm on Oswald Road, Scunthorpe.

It was explained that an Experimental Order had been in place for 18 months, no further objections had been received since the experimental order was made and the problems being experienced by bus companies had largely been resolved by the experimental order.

Resolved – That the recommendation to make the trial TRO permanent be approved.

40  (39)  ISO14001 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT REVIEW – The Director of Infrastructure Services submitted a report which outlined the latest reviews for the ISO14001 standard and approved the audits and action plans.

The ISO14001 Standard (the standard) assesses our environmental impacts.  It helps us to measure our consumption and reduce waste. The main principle of the standard is to reduce, reuse and recycle.  In delivering this principle we are able to make real cost savings, reduce our environmental impact and improve our environmental standing. BM Trada assesses us twice during the year against the standard.

In order to maintain the standard it had been necessary to undertake a management review.  It was explained that due to the recent changes within the council, the management review following the last external audit was missed, and clarified that this management review picked up two external audits.  (Attached at Appendix 1 and 2 to the report).  Each management review requires the council to present the following:

  • Details of the external auditor’s findings
  • Results of Environmental and legal audits
  • An action plan to address issues identified within the external and internal audit


The audits identified three major problems, five minor problems and four comments for action. The cabinet member was advised that during the audits some service areas were not able to provide evidence that they were complying with some pieces of legislation, the action plan showed the progress against outstanding issues and also how many remaining issues needed attention.

Resolved – That the audits and action plan as appended to the report be approved.

The following item contains exempt information as defined in Paragraph 3 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended).

41  (40)  HOUSEHOLD RECYCLING CENTRE MANAGEMENT –  The Director of Neighbourhood and Environmental Services submitted a report which sought approval for the future operational management of the network of Household Recycling Centres (HRC) provided by the council.

The existing service contract for the operational management of the network of HRC’s commenced in 1999. This element was part of a broader range of Waste Services operated on behalf of the council by SITA North Lincolnshire Limited.  The contract term had expired and a managed closure of the arrangements was ongoing.

Resolved – (a) That Option 2 as outlined within the report, to bring the operational Management of the Household Recycling Centres back in house be approved, (b) that the existing number of sites, eight, be retained, (c) that consideration be given to regulating the future use of each site by commercial organisations operating locally, and (d) that further reports detailing the outcome of the feasibility study, the proposed HRC Management Service Specification and a Revised Scheme for Controlling Commercial Waste deliveries to the sites be submitted to future meetings of the Cabinet Member for Highways and Neighbourhoods.

Where there is no report this is because it is exempt, as it contains information which is considered to be of a confidential nature, as detailed in the Local Government (Access to Information) Act.