Leader of the Council – Regeneration Cabinet Member – Minutes – 19 December 2011

12 (12) REGIONAL GROWTH FUND – ESTABLISHMENT OF PROGRAMME BOARD – The Head of Regeneration and Planning submitted a report to inform the Cabinet Member of the success of the Regional Growth Fund bid and the process required to establish the programme, sought approval to establish a Board for the Regional Growth Fund for North Lincolnshire. 

North Lincolnshire Council submitted a bid for Regional Growth Fund (RGF) monies in June 2011.  RGF was created by the Government to encourage private sector enterprise through economic growth and new employment opportunities in the private sector in response to the economic downturn.  The aim of the fund was also to help those areas that were dependent on the public sector. 

North Lincolnshire’s successful bid was submitted along with the TaTa Taskforce and was in response to the announcement of job losses at Tata in May 2011. 

It was suggested that a programme board be established to oversee the programme and its activities.  It was proposed that the board comprised of up to seven individuals that represented the accountable body and the private sector.  It was recommended that the Board consist of one North Lincolnshire Council Member that would be the Board Chair, one North Lincolnshire Council Officer (the programme sponsor), one representative of the TaTa Taskforce and four private sector representatives covering different size organisations, sectors and interests. 

It was necessary that the most appropriate board was established that would focus totally on the requirements of the RGF programme.  A number of individuals with relevant backgrounds could be encouraged to apply for board membership to ensure appropriate representation and that the programme was delivered with the greatest impact for the area.  A transparent recruitment process would be undertaken. 

Resolved – (a) That the success of the RGF bid and the process to establish the programme be noted, and (b) that approval be given to establish a RGF Programme Board to contribute and approve the programme delivery plan and the successful implementation of the programme.