The Leader of the Council – Regeneration Cabinet Member – Minutes – 27 March 2012

19  (19) PORTAS PILOT BIDS – The Head of Regeneration and Planning submitted a report which sought support for the submission of two Portas Pilot bids for the towns of Scunthorpe and Brigg, and if either of the bids were successful for North Lincolnshire Council to act as accountable body for receipt of the funds.

This matter was urgent as the council had to submit its proposals to the Department for Communities and Local Government by 30 March 2012.

The Government commissioned retail guru Mary Portas to undertake a review of the country’s “High Street”. The Portas Review made a number of recommendations aimed at identifying what government, local authorities, businesses and communities could do together to promote the development of new models of sustainable and diverse high streets.

Partnerships could submit proposals to receive up to £100,000 to identify best practice that could be shared across the country.   The proposal required the completion of a prospectus template and the production of an amateur 3 minute video.  Only 12 pilots would be successful.

It was explained that proposals must provide innovative ideas to boost their high street and town centre.  The monies would provide an opportunity to try new things, experiment and innovate.   Partnerships were expected to be representative and include key landlords, large and small retailers, council, local business service providers and local residents.

Resolved – (a) That the submission of two Portas Pilot submissions for Scunthorpe and Brigg be supported, and (b) that the Council act as accountable body should either submission be successful.