Highways & Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member – Minutes – 31 December 2012 (2)

127 (34) CREATION OF NEW FLEET COMPLIANCE OFFICER POSTThe Director of Places submitted a report seekingapproval for the creation of a new Fleet Compliance Officer post within the Fleet Provision Section.

The Council Management Team (CMT) had previously been briefed on concerns following recent events at a neighbouring authority, which had led to a Traffic Commissioner’s public enquiry.

Following the briefing, CMT recognised that there were a number of issues that needed resolving.  These included a strengthening of staffing levels to support compliance.    They asked for an action plan to be formulated to address the concerns raised within the briefing.

An action plan had now been prepared.  The plan addressed the broader issues and included an action to create a new post of Fleet Compliance Officer as recommended by CMT.

Resolved – That the creation of a new Fleet Compliance Officer post, within the Fleet Provision Section, be approved.

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128 (35) COMMUNITY SERVICES – WASTE MANAGEMENT REVIEW – The Director of Places submitted a report seeking approval for a new management structure for Wastes Services within the Community Services division.

The review of the council’s senior management structure came into effect on 1 May 2012.  All of the previous waste related service teams were brought together within the Community Services division of the Places directorate.

Work commenced almost immediately to bring these operational areas together at the same location.  This work was now complete.

In November 2012, a number of changes were also made to the waste service management arrangements.  As a result of these many changes, it was considered appropriate to undertake a review of the managerial structures of Waste Services.  The review commenced in October 2012 in line with the council’s protocol.

The report and accompanying appendices gave full details of the review, including financial implications.

Resolved – That the management structure for Waste Services, as set out in the report and accompanying appendices, be approved.

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