The Leader of the Council – Minutes – 14 August 2012

In accordance with the Executive Procedure Rules of the council’s Constitution, the Deputy Leader was authorised to take the following decision on behalf of the Leader of the Council in her absence.

27 (8) CENSUS 2011 – POPULATION UPDATE – The Director of Places submitted a report informing the Cabinet Member of the Census 2011 population results.

The Office for National Statistics completed the latest Census in May 2011 and they had recently released the first set of data.  It included high level population data by age and sex within local authority areas.

The previous census was in 2011, when the population in North Lincolnshire then totalled 152,849.  The data released from the 2001 Census was available for use on the North Lincolnshire Data Observatory.  It showed that the population of North Lincolnshire had grown by 9.5% since the last census.  North Lincolnshire had the highest recorded population growth across the Humber.

Further information was included in the appendix to the report.

Resolved – That the latest Census data relating to the population of North Lincolnshire be noted.