People Cabinet Member – Minutes – 8 April 2013

67        (67) OFSTED INSPECTIONS FOR LOCAL AUTHORITY SCHOOLS The Director of People submitted a report to inform the Cabinet Member of the outcomes of the Ofsted inspections for St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy, St Luke’s Primary School, St Mary’s Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy,  East Halton Primary School, Worlaby Academy (Schools Partnership Trust) and Oakfield Primary School.

The schools had been inspected under the Section 5 Ofsted inspection schedule for schools.  Full copies of the reports had been placed in the political group offices.

Resolved – That the Cabinet Member writes to the Head teacher of each school regarding the outcome of their inspection.

68        (68) ADMISSION ARRANGEMENTS FOR 2014/15 FOR COMMUNITY MAINTAINED AND VOLUNTARY CONTROLLED SCHOOLS – The Director of People submitted a report to inform the Cabinet Member of the outcome of recent consultation regarding the proposed admission arrangements for 2014/15, and sought approval to implement these arrangements for 2014/15.

Admission arrangements for all mainstream maintained schools and academies were governed by the Department for Education’s (DfEs) ‘School Admissions Code’.  The purpose of the code was to ensure that all school places were allocated and offered in an open and fair way.  In order to achieve this, all local authorities were required to determine their admission arrangements and admission numbers each year for community and voluntary controlled school.

The admission number referred to the number of places that the admission authority must offer in the relevant age group for each school.

Through the Admissions Working Group and individual governing body meetings, governing bodies of relevant schools were asked if they wanted any changes to the council’s admission arrangements. No schools requested any changes.

The governing bodies were consulted regarding their admission numbers for 2014/15.  Five schools agreed to set higher admission numbers and two schools requested reduced admission numbers (details were outlined in Appendix B to the report), all other schools stayed the same.  Where schools requested a reduction in their admission number, the code required a public consultation to take place.

Details of the proposed admission arrangements were outlined in Appendix A to the report, and the revised admission numbers listed in Appendix B to the report.

Resolved – That option 1 to maintain the current admission arrangements as identified in Appendix A, and revise the admission numbers listed in Appendix B be approved.