Management, Culture & Housing and Customer Services, Sport & Leisure Cabinet Members – Minutes – 27 September 2013

4  (4) BOTTESFORD SPORTS HALL – The Director of Places submitted a report reporting on progress made towards leasing Bottesford Sports Hall (The Hall) to Bottesford Town Football Club, and presenting a number of options for consideration.

The council owned the freehold of Bottesford Sports Hall.  Built in 1980, it provided approximately 1100m2 of multi use sports space, predominately in the form of a 670m2 main hall.

The Hall shared an entrance with Bottesford Town Football Club (BTFC).  BTFC currently leased their playing fields, all weather pitch area and site for their sports club from the council.  All of these leases were recently combined to offer a 50 year term to BTFC, which would enable them apply for additional grant funding.

The Hall was currently used by other groups for various activities but was not used to its full capacity.  Leasing the Hall to a private or community partner such as BTFC could save around £25,000 per annum.  A long lease of up to 50 years would be required, as this would enable grant funding applications for improvements to the premises.

In agreeing the details of any lease, the council would seek at the outset to protect the existing levels of community use of the facility, including all current users.  Further that any changes in the future could only apply at the discretion of the council.  BTFC would apply pricing structures in line with council charges at other centres.  The council would also have a right to veto any pricing deemed too high or too low.

Resolved – (a) That the proposal for the council to enter into a long full repairing and insuring lease for Bottesford Sports Hall with Bottesford Town Football Club to include protecting the existing levels of community use of the facility, including all current users, be approved in principle, and (b) that a further report be submitted for approval to the Cabinet Members in the future setting out the detailed lease terms agreed between the council and Bottesford Town Football Club.