Regeneration and Asset Management, Culture & Housing Cabinet Members – Minutes – 27 December 2013

4          (4)  INVESTMENT IN HOUSING LED REGENERATION – The Director of Places submitted a report which set out the progress on housing schemes funded by New Homes Bonus.

Approval was sought to invest in a number of new schemes that met local needs and supported the housing market.

Members agreed an investment strategy for New Homes Bonus in February 2012, with one of the three approved priorities being housing led regeneration.

A number of investments had been approved in the last financial year and the progress on these schemes was set out in appendix 1 to the report.

Recommendations to match fund three housing schemes were outlined in appendix 2 to the report.

It was explained that the proposals in appendix 2 would provide 31 new homes to meet local needs and the Burdock Road site would accommodate a further 54 new homes when completed.

Resolved – (a) That a contribution up to £335,300 from the PTA managed schemes general fund budget towards the housing schemes set out in appendix 2 be approved; (b) that a contribution of a further £500,000 from the PTA managed schemes general budget to provide services to the Burdock Road site be approved, and (c) that further reports be presented as other housing schemes are developed to fulfil the council’s housing strategy.

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