People Cabinet Member – Minutes – 3 July 2013

78        (7) FUNDING, STAFFING AND LEGISLATION FOR PUPIL REFERRAL UNITS – The Director of People submitted a report to inform the Cabinet member of the changes to funding, staffing and legislation for pupil referral units effective from April 2013, and sought approval to update the establishment to reflect the changes affecting the Young Persons’ Education Centre and the Darley Centre.

The report identified that North Lincolnshire had two Pupil Referral Units (PRU’s).  The Darley Centre was established in 2005. It provided for children aged 11-14 on the roll of a mainstream school and at risk of permanent exclusion because of behavioural difficulties or who had been permanently excluded from a mainstream school.  The Young Persons’ Education Centre(YPEC) was established in 2001 as a Pupil Referral Unit and provided education for pre- and post-natal students.

It was explained that changes made by the Education Act 2011 required the delegation of budgets to PRUs from 1 April 2013.  The School and Early Years Finance (England) Regulations 2012 (and relevant guidance) prescribed how PRUs budget shares were to be calculated, and changes were to be made in the Pupil Referral Units (Misc Amendments) (No2) Regs 2012 requiring local authorities to delegate to PRU Management Committees the necessary powers to spend any budget delegated to them.

These changes gave PRUs similar autonomy over budget and staffing decisions to those of maintained schools.

Resolved – (a)  That the Cabinet Member approves the updating of the Council’s establishment and associated financial and workforce monitoring to reflect the new delegations to PRU Management Committees for funding and staffing; (b) that PRUs be provided with delegated budgets and the associated powers to spend their budget; (c) that the PRU management boards be recognised as the immediate employer of their staff and amend the establishment to reflect this change, and (d) the Council financial and workforce monitoring be updated from 1 April 2013 to reflect the new requirements.


79        (8)  OFSTED INSPECTIONS FOR LOCAL AUTHORITY SCHOOLS – The Director of People submitted a report to inform the Cabinet Member of the outcomes of the Ofsted inspection for Epworth primary Academy and Ulceby St Nicholas C of E Primary School.

The schools had been inspected under the Section 5 Ofsted inspection schedule for schools.  Full copies of the reports had been placed in the political group offices.

Resolved – That the Cabinet Member writes to the Headteacher or Chair of Governors/Interim Executive Board of the schools regarding the outcome of their inspection.